как избавиться от животаLarge and pendulous abdomen for many women is the same sick destination, and small Breasts. But, if you solve problems with breastfeeding, mostly falls in the office of a plastic surgeon to get rid of belly can be more gentle ways. If one wishes, free time and willingness to work hard.

If you have a nice flat stomach, you safely buy your favorite jeans and feel yourself on the beach, or at a party at the pool. Belly fat is not only look bad, but also harmful for health. The fat that accumulates in this zone is formed between the internal organs deep in the abdomen, the proteins that it generates, can cause chronic inflammation that increases the risk of development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and even cancer.

How to determine the excess fatty tissue in the abdominal area? Very simply, take a measuring tape and measure the volume of the trunk just above the pelvic bone. If mark measuring exceeds 87 see, it is time to take decisive action. Many believe that to get rid of excess weight in the abdomen it is very difficult to actually make it not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. Following the correct program, remove fat from the abdomen is much easier, than, for example, the thighs or get rid of sagging inner side of the forearm.


Adjustments in the diet

как избавиться от животаApplicators and massagers, the advertising of which is spinning on TV channels to get rid of belly absolutely do not help – it’s just another «relatively fair» appropriation of money from the population. There are three whales slimming belly diet, massage and specially designed exercises. If to combine all these elements, then a couple of weeks, you will enjoy the achieved goal.

There are many options diets for weight loss belly and a thin waist. But the General point is that of the power to completely eliminate all flour, sweet and fatty, including fast food and meats and pickles. Welcome raw vegetables and fruits, cereal grains, and legumes in all forms, dairy products and lean meats and fish.


Slimming massage of the abdomen

Remove or at least reduce visually bulging belly with the help of massage seek to few. And absolutely nothing, because it is a fairly powerful and effective means of correction of a figure. Exposure hands on the belly improve circulation in this area and, consequently, the normalization of metabolism, the functioning of the intestines and fat burning.

Basic massage techniques in this case will be rubbing and kneading. They are carried out on the so-called anti-cellulite methodology, with the seizure of the skin-fat folds. The sensation can be a little painful, but because the procedure is long and lasts only five-ten, they do not turn into a major inconvenience.


Exercises that you can get rid of belly

Exercises aimed at the rectus abdominis and its departments strengthen the abdominal muscles, but, unfortunately, do not burn fat, which is located under the muscle tissues. To get rid of fat and speed up the level of burning calories will help cardio exercise (Jogging, walking, Cycling). By results of researches it has been noticed that people who are paying кардионагрузкам 178 minutes a week, approximately 30 minutes daily walk, during the nine months scored a paltry amount of internal fat. And those who practiced more intensive loads, for example, running, not only did not receive the fat, and reduced the number of existing 7%. To achieve maximum impact exercise on the principle of interval training, alternating periods of cardio workouts high and low intensity.

All exercises aimed at fat burning in the abdominal region and the development of the abdominals, is recommended in the morning, before Breakfast. But there was nothing and to transfer them at a later time. On the evening when the have to think about the dream, instead of training them too, it is better not to wait. Do you need on an empty stomach, directly before the next meal.

Most of these exercises are carried out in a prone position. The essence is to raise the knees bent or straight leg at a certain angle to the body. There are exercises and other plans: to sit up from a lying position, holding hands one way or another.


Hula Hoop

как избавиться от животаAs one of the best simulators for tightening the abdominal and correcting his form has long-established hula Hoop. In addition, he asks the body and the necessary cardio workouts – their intensity is determined by the speed of rotation of the Hoop. Muscles will get their portion of the load and the heavier the Hoop, so it is tangible.

Correction performed using a hula-Chuppah, is considered to be gentle: loss of fat comes slowly but surely. If you exercise with the Hoop turn into one of the components of the style of life, for the future of your belly you can not worry: it will be under strict control.


About the benefits of swimming

Perhaps lengthy stories about the benefits of swimming there will be an entirely superfluous: the all so well-known as a beneficial effect on the health of contact with water and motor activity in the same environment. When man floats, his body is exposed to water, the efficiency comparable with hydromassage. And last long been used in beauty salons as a tool for weight loss, including locally.

If you can not register or acquire a loan in the pool, you can limit wit shower. Setting the direction of the jets and making a circular action, can be quite successfully simulate the same hydromassage.

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