как избавиться от коричневых пятенIn most cases, brown spots appear on the upper chest, face and arms, they are considered to be ugly, and their appearance is associated with the aging process. How to get rid of brown spots and can it be done?


Why brown spots appear

Brown spots can be due to violation of the pigment cells of the skin melanocytes. This increased production of melanin can be due to several factors, such as overexposure to the sun (freckled pigmentation of the skin), hormonal disorders (pigment spots), aging.

As for brown spots senile or solar, they are a symptom of excess staying under the sun and usually appear closer to forty years. Senile brown spots often appear on light skin and are mostly in those areas that are exposed to sunlight: the face, decollete, top of hands.

It is very important to observe the appearance of brown spots at the dermatologist or your physician at first to exclude the presence of melanoma.


Treatment of brown spots

For the treatment of senile brown spots some women are resorting to cosmetic products, while others prefer aesthetic medicine or consult a dermatologist.

To treat brown spots in several ways. Currently in stores on the shelves you can find a lot protivogelmintny creams and serums. The composition of such agents include active exfoliating and protivogelmintnye components, these funds can be used for prevention, for treatment of bright spots and as a complement to aesthetic treatment.

Brightening active ingredients means reduces the intensity of pigmentation spots, and other components improve the complexion.

Protivogelmintnye cosmetics affect the superficial layers of the skin. Protivogelmintnye brightening products contain active substances, antioxidants and exfoliating substances, which help to reduce the production of melanin, to repair damage from the sun, to rid the skin of dead cells, to give it Shine and help her a speedy recovery. For effective treatment, pay attention to the formula means that it can contain arbutin, Niacinamide (vitamin B3), kojic acid, glabridin or a mixture of active substances. In recent times you can hear about retinoic acid or antioxidants, especially vitamin C.

Fruit acids, glycolic acid and ɑ-hydrocyclone accelerate the cell renewal process. I would like to note that cosmetic products do not deliver fully against brown spots, but help make them lighter. To treat darker spots may require more drastic methods.

For the daily treatment of brown spots is recommended:

  • day protivogelmintnye creams and serums
  • advanced night lotion-peeling
  • with prolonged exposure to the sun do not forget the sunscreen, mittens for hands, hats or baseball caps for face and impervious clothing for cleavage
  • avoid frequent exposure to sun

In addition to cosmetics, you can hire the services of aesthetic medicine and dermatology. Whichever method you choose, remember that the treatment should be carried out in the winter time.


Pulsed light

Pulsed light allows you to delete directly from brown spots without damaging the surrounding tissue. This method helps to quickly get rid of extensive brown spots. Pulsed light improves complexion and skin texture. Drawback of this procedure is that it applies only on light skin, as darker skin is exposed to the risk of burns. After the procedure there may be a little crust for 6-8 days. Basically, as long as 1-2 sessions with a break of one month.


The laser is Q-SWITCHED

The main purpose of the laser is Q-SWITCHED – melanosome (inventory of melanin in skin cells). The effect of “photo-acoustic”, mechanical, with a little heat to break down the pigment. Laser treatment is the most effective method. The laser acts directly on the spot, instead of spreading its heat to the surrounding tissue. After laser method of removing brown spots, just like after any other procedure, it is not recommended to be in the sun.

Within 8-10 days after treatment, the spots darken a bit and take a small crust that next week it will disappear. In rare cases excessive dose of heat may be due to burning, more saturated brown or white spots, scars. To completely get rid of brown spots usually only one session. You can also use other types of laser: for lighter stains can be started using the alexandrite laser, surface-stains – fractional carbon laser, and can also be treated using a pulsed dye laser.


Skin peeling

Skin peeling is carried out using means on the basis of fruit acids or trichloroacetate acid. Peeling helps exfoliate dead skin cells and skin regeneration, improves the complexion. If chloracetate acid presents in too large quantities, there is a risk of burns and scarring, problems with pigmentation.

The cicatricial phase of the inflammatory process lasts approximately one month, at this time it is not recommended to be in the sun, especially people with dark skin type, as it can increase the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. For maximum effect it is recommended to spend 2-3 sessions with a break of one month.



Cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen (-160°). During this procedure, cells are destroyed, and undergoes exfoliation of the skin. Cryotherapy is a very common and effective way, but more suitable for the treatment of superficial and isolated spots. During the session, we felt a little burning sensation. This method is not suitable for people with sensitive skin type.

After cryotherapy , a small crust, which after 1-3 weeks disappears. Sometimes, instead of brown spots appear white. In total, for removing brown spots only one session.


Dynamic therapy

In the case of dynamic phototherapy it is a method that combines the use of a pulsed laser or red led and the use of photosensitizing agents, which focuses on the problematic cells. Using this method, you can simultaneously display the light spots, improve skin color, get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and restore skin structure.

The only drawback of dynamic therapy is its high price. Effects that may occur after the procedure are the same as with other methods of treatment, mainly in the application of the pulsed laser.

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