как избавиться от второго подбородкаHow to get rid of double chin, which swells on the face, Atisa bottom of unpleasant fat pillow? Such a “safety cushion” does not paint a single person, on the contrary, making the face look older, immediately shaking off the image of sophistication, adding a product. If you have such questionable decoration, too, do not like, begin to deal with it at the first signs of its appearance. Get rid of double chin is possible, but the more time will pass, the more time and effort will take this fight.


Homemade wraps and gymnastics

Folk remedies in the form of compresses of herbal decoctions, clay and other products, like gymnastics for the face, are a means of struggle rather prevention. As lotions and compresses it is recommended to use a warming and contrasting them with ice compositions or massage jet of water from the shower. The most common products for compress – raw potatoes, chilled curd, egg (as a whole, and the white or the yolk separately), honey.

Homemade masks are applied in the evening after a shower and gymnastics, after they should apply a moisturizing cream with a lifting effect.

The advantages of this method is the availability, but it will not be able to help in isolation without parallel major intervention with a large amount of fat on the chin.


Cosmetics: strengthening and firming creams, masks, serums

A good additional tool, indispensable for use within the slimming program or course, kosmetologicheskoy therapy chin. When buying tools from the second chin is not worth saving, because it should be an active force components aimed at tightening skin and removing fat depots under it.

Cosmetics applied to the area of the chin and neck, as a rule, manufacturers produce the funds from the second chin in anti-aging lines. When buying, pay attention to the purpose of the tool. You should not buy lifting serum anti-age firming loose skin on the neck and chin, if you are still young, but your main problem is the accumulation of fat, and not the saggy skin.


Massage: a personal and professional

Massage is becoming an indispensable way to target fat deposits in the chin at a young age. You can gently run it at home, after a shower stretching the heated skin, when fatty tissue is very susceptible to mechanical stress. Or ask for help from the professional who will offer you a hand massage with lymphatic drainage effect or plastic massage, vacuum massage, providing excellent lifting effect.

The benefits of massage, especially professional cosmetology in high performance. Fast excess liquid and fat layer is reduced.

Massage may be contraindicated for people of Mature age with flabby skin, apparatus massage is not recommended in inflammatory disease, local trauma, predisposition to thrombosis.


Injection techniques: mesotherapy, ozone therapy

You can get rid of double chin using mesotherapy, alkalima problem area chemical cocktails, the composition of which is chosen individually. Ozone therapy is an injection of the ozone-oxygen mixtures. Both injection techniques aimed at the sighting of the breakdown of subcutaneous fat.

Of the indisputable advantages of injection methods – rejuvenation, transformation of the skin, which significantly improves its color and glows with youth. The only disadvantage is that the pain, which is especially pronounced at high sensitivity, low efficiency when expressed as a layer of fat, lack of effectiveness in adulthood. And mesotherapy, and ozone therapy should be applied as a preventive or helper methods in a parallel struggle with a second chin.


Hardware cosmetology (laser, ultrasound, radio lifting)

Methods hardware lifting demonstrate the effectiveness for patients who want to solve the problem quickly and efficiently. The main advantage is the absence of serious intervention and the preservation of the integrity of the skin. The only disadvantage is that significant contraindications for physical health, the inability to apply on the damaged areas, with concomitant chronic diseases, predisposition to tumors, herpes, thyroid disease, pregnancy and lactation, individual sensitivity of the organism, thin dry skin and several other features, which will inform cosmetologist for advice.

Regardless of the method, the principle of these techniques is the same: under the skin penetrates the beam/wave, which stimulates the renewal of tissues, increasing metabolic processes, eliminating excess fluid and congestion. In the case of radio lifting that splash fabric heat wave, the fat literally it features, and the skin is tightened. the result of RF-lifting may be noticeable immediately.

All the ways hardware facelift and liposuction double chin is good both when used alone and in combination with other procedures.


Surgical rid of double chin

How to get rid of double chin, when the amount of fat impressive, and all of the above methods do not help? Help cosmetic surgery.

The operation combines liposuction (liposuction) and lifting (skin tightening). It lasts about an hour, the result is right, but to evaluate it will be possible only after removal of the compression bandage. The seam after such operations almost not noticeable scars with proper operation should be no. When chin liposuction incisions are made in the amount of about 0.5 see

  • Advantages: quick and tangible results, the ability to get rid of the big fat volumes, short period of rehabilitation (bandage is worn for about three days).
  • Disadvantages: some contraindications inherent to any surgical intervention. Among them diabetes, blood clotting disorders, thyroid disease, exacerbation of chronic diseases, the presence of cardiovascular disorders.

Get rid of double chin requires changes in everyday life. It is necessary to normalize the weight, to refrain from eating high calorie foods with a high content of sugar and salt. From daily habits to keep your back straight, keeping your posture with chin parallel to the floor, to sleep on a flat or ergonomic orthopedic pillow.

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