как избавиться от жировых отложений на бедрахFor some women rounded hips is a sign of femininity, for others this set. This encounter not only overweight women such fatty deposits are found in women with normal weight and healthy lifestyle. Don’t panic, the fat deposits on the thighs it’s not the end of the world. There are several ways how to get rid of fat deposits on the hips.



Aesthetic medicine offers to get rid of fat deposits on the hips with the help of a very effective method of liposuction. During this procedure involves removal of fat with a very thin hollow tubes. Small scars under the buttocks subsequently invisible.

The procedure can be performed under local, General or epidural anesthesia. The procedure takes 30-60 minutes. After you may have bruising or swelling, which quickly pass. In case of any shortcomings, for example, uneven surface, asymmetry, they can be eliminated by correction at 6 months after the procedure. Liposuction is only possible under certain conditions. First of all, the skin should be in good condition, i.e. elastic. Should not be overweight, especially in the time of the transaction. Liposuction is not a weight loss method, it allows to model the shape of the patient.



There are alternative methods to get rid of fat deposits on the hips. Along with liposuction, aesthetic medicine offers a less invasive method – lobotomia. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia, in the problem area injected inorganic serum that destroys adipocytes or fat cells. Adipocytes join the circulation of blood, and the remnants are excreted by the lymphatic system.



The most affordable way of dealing with fatty deposits on hips are sports. Some sports have a beneficial effect directly on the problem areas. ADI-Boxing, crossfit, says he can effectively combat fat deposits on the hips. These sports offer a series of different intense exercises that are forced to work at maximum cardio system and strengthen body shaping muscle.

For lovers of water treatment are advised aquabiking (Cycling fitness), which helps to shape your figure. This sport makes the hips more slender, while the water activates microcirculation and favors the drainage and eliminates the “orange peel”. From fat will help to get rid of continuous running. Running helps burn calories, making you slimmer.



In combating fat deposits will help Palpa-rulle (vacuum roller massage), which allows to displace the accumulated fat on the buttocks and thighs. This procedure can be carried out manually or mechanically. In addition to Palpa-roullet is recommended to use creams for weight loss. They are smooth and strengthen the skin in problem areas.

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