избавиться от жира на бедрахGet rid of thigh fat you can, but make it not so easy. First of all, one should understand, what exactly is the process of burning fat.

Subcutaneous fat is a producer of fuel for our body. In the fat accumulates the energy that is released when one or other of the compelled circumstances. The energy, which is hidden in fat, is measured in calories. 450 g of fat is equal to 3400 calories, that is, if you burn 3400 additional calories in excess of the norm. Which is necessary for the organism to ensure normal life, you lose 450 g of fat.

Unfortunately, ordered the body to burn fat at a specific point, we are not able to. Our body itself decides the place from which to remove the fat, and where it to accumulate. The main weapon in the fight against unwanted weight burning a greater amount of calories than the amount of calories required for our body. The body, feeling the lack of calories, addresses his «reserves», i.e. to the fat layer. Of course, hip become slimmer only due to the fact that you stop there, you need all your patience and persistence. Win fat in the thighs only with the help of a healthy balanced diet and rigorous training.

Nutrition should stick to certain rules:

  • Limit the intake of carbohydrates after 16:00 altogether forget about them.
  • Eliminate from your diet fizzy drinks.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, avoid foods that contain saturated fats.
  • Salad dressing of olive oil.

Active exercise is one of the key factors in the fight against extra inches and pounds in the hips. One of the most popular and effective exercises to eliminate fat in this area are considered squats and leg elevation. However, here is a small «but»: you strengthen your muscles develop their strength, but couldn’t see under the layer of fat that their hides. To give hips lifted and slender form to приседаниям should add exercises that are aimed at changing the form of the thighs and buttocks. What exercises will help to cope with this task, we will explain below.


Complex № 1

Follow the exercises from this complex 1-2 times a week. Start with the first exercise, slowly make five reps (this takes about 10 seconds to five seconds-up, five-down). Make all of the exercise by completing the 2 – complete cycles, changing the side (where required)when each approach. For maximum effect, you can use the power of resistance of the rubber balls, wrapping it around his ankles or thighs.

  • Exercise 1 – Lateral leg elevation

Lie on your left side, his head lay on his left hand, right hand resting on the floor in front of him. Legs stretched out, his right leg is on the left. Do not take any other parts of the body, slowly lift your right leg as high as possible. Linger at this point, then return to starting position

  • Exercise 2 – «Shell»

Lie on your left side, hips and knees bend 45 degrees. Stop right foot lay on top left, so that the heels touching each other. Not disclosing the heels and without changing the position of the left leg, which lies on the floor, lift your right knee as high as you can. Remember, the heel should be together! Take a little pause and return to its original position.

  • Exercise 3 ascents of the thighs

Lie down on the floor face up, bend your knees, feet resting on the floor. Squeeze your buttocks and focus on the heels raise your hips up to that point and the torso forms a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Linger for a while in this position, then slowly return to the starting position.

  • Exercise 4 – «the climber»

Please position as for push-UPS of the body from the floor. The head is on straight line with your heels, not прогибайте back. Straining muscles, slowly pull your right knee to the left shoulder. Return to starting position.


Complex № 2

Do this simple set of exercises two to three times a week. Perform each exercise 10-15 repetitions, making a small pause between exercises. A break should not be longer than 30 seconds, if you are sufficiently trained, try to make the whole complex without interruption.

  • Exercise 1 – lunges with turning

Put your feet on the width of the hips, hands pull forward. Make a lunge forward with the left foot and rotate the torso to the left, simultaneously bending your knees and lower torso until both feet are bent to 90 degrees. Rotate the torso back straighten your left leg and put it back in position. Repeat the same thing on the other foot. Repeat one and the other foot in the sum gives one repetition of this exercise.

  • Exercise 2 – reverse man»

Take a small ball or dumbbell, keep both hands on the right thigh, put his feet on the width of the hips. Breast keep straight, hips move slightly back and bend your knees, taking the position of the squat. Starting heels, sharply raise the ball up, so that your legs are straight, and the ball was over your left shoulder. Then return to starting position. Make five repetitions, and then change your side.

  • Exercise 3 – deadlift on one leg

Keep your feet hip width, the right leg lift from the floor, and the right hand pull forward. Bend at the hips forward, keep your back straight, raise your left leg, pulling it back so your body has formed the letter «T», the right hand in this time falls down. Return to starting position. This is one repetition, do the planned number of repetitions, then change legs.

  • Exercise 4 – sidebar

Lie on your left side, legs stretched out, his right leg is on the left. Raise your hips so that your body has formed a straight line from the neck to the ankles. Body weight is supported by the left forearm and the external side of the left foot. Right hand on the thigh. Stay in this position for one minute, then over on the other side and repeat.

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