Freckles contain pigment, which should collect the sun’s rays and to prevent the appearance of the burn, which is why they so actively appear in the summer. In autumn and winter the body does not need such a powerful UV protection, but a natural process of “flushing” occurs very slowly.

Fight appeared freckles is difficult enough, but their formation can be prevented. The easiest way is to use different sun protection: sunglasses and hats with a wide brim. From noon to 15 hours of the day when there is maximum solar activity it is better to be in the shade. Going out in the sunlight in such a period it is better to use sunscreen.

If freckles were still there, and you don’t like it, there are many ways to get rid of them. Already in ancient times it was noticed that plants such as dandelion and horseradish have good properties for lightening dark skin and eliminate dark spots. It is also very well help the cucumber and lemon, substances which they contain, penetrating the skin, oxidized pigment, thus brightening the skin. In addition, the fruit contains fruit acids.

This group of substances often used in cosmetic procedures for chemical peeling, and is a member of various anti-aging creams. Horny scales are shed and blemishes are reduced. You can use dandelion, cucumber and horseradish at home, making the mask.

Also in the mask is useful to add strawberries, currants and tomatoes. Please note that fresh fruits and vegetables have a stronger effect than last year or have already started to deteriorate.

If you do not like to experiment at home, you can always buy a ready-made special whitening cream in the store. In such cosmetic act contains a complex of vitamins, bleaching agents, softening components. Freckles will disappear after a few weeks of treatments.

But in General, freckles give your outfit that bit of mystery and mischief.


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