как заставить себя похудетьYou love cakes? You can’t walk past a bakery and not pay attention to the sweets? You can’t resist the flavors of sweet dishes in the restaurant? In most cases, a person is able firmly to resist such temptations and to force myself to lose weight but sometimes it, not realizing, breaks all his promises and eats some pastries as a dessert. What happened to the will power of this man?



Many of us struggle with this problem in everyday life. This can happen during the diet or during attempts to resist shopping. Why is our self-control can be so strong on some days and so weak in others? Contrary to popular belief, willpower is not only dependent on psychological strength. Physiological factors such as blood sugar, chemistry of the brain and hormones are also affected and can sabotage our desire to resist the temptation.

The first thing you need to do to lose weight is to decide to start to get rid of the extra pounds of the present moment. Losing weight is a lengthy and complicated process, so you should not waste time on selection of the ideal date to start losing weight. Don’t wait for next Monday, the end of my holiday, birthday or when pigs fly. You must have a good reason for wanting to get rid of extra pounds.

Take the time to think about why you want to lose weight because you secretly envy sportswear girl friend or want to look good? You are tired of feeling out of breath climbing the stairs? Or tired of being a laughing stock when it comes to sport? Tired of being lonely? Identify the main reason which will cause you to lose weight. This is the most difficult stage, you have to think about their behavior and their habits, relationship with other people. It is better to do a fresh mind in the morning after awakening, for example. Once you will know why you want to lose weight, talk about it with the people around you to get words of encouragement. A good reason is motivation. If you are sure in themselves and their abilities, there is a greater desire and will power to achieve their goals.

The good news is that once you realize that power has weakened your self-control, you can strengthen your desire in case of necessity.

Every person has a limit of self-control. This means that if you try to apply the will directly in many areas, you very quickly exhaust your stock.


Tips that will help strengthen your will

  • Concentrate your attention on where it matters most. Do not attempt to shorten the time for communication via instant messages on your computer while trying to simultaneously lose weight. If you spent the whole day resisting the urge to tell your colleague that annoys you, everything that you think about it, it is not necessary to go shopping after work. Practice shows that in such a situation the person usually loses self-control because willpower was spent on another endeavor.
  • Maintain stable blood glucose levels. Even a slight decrease in the level of sugar in the blood, which occurs, for example, after you have missed a meal, can affect those areas that are responsible for monitoring, planning and restraint. For example, if you missed Breakfast and lunch, fighting the urge to ask for candy from colleagues, can prepare for the loss of self-control during dinner.
  • Eat throughout the day light meals, including complex carbohydrates and proteins (including Breakfast). Keep energy bars rich in protein – at least 5 grams of protein – not to skip meals. Stabilizing blood sugar levels, you will be better able to resist binge eating and other impulse actions later.
  • Don’t eat too little. Too small amount of food not only depletes the supply of sugar, but also reduces the production of leptin (a hormone produced by fat cells that helps regulate appetite). A few days since the start of the very low calorie diet leptin levels reduced to 50%. The extremely sharp decline in leptin levels may increase appetite and cause you to have an uncontrollable desire to consume food that you actually don’t want.
  • Follow the “rule of 10″. Multiply your weight by 10 and never eat fewer calories than the resulting number. For example, a person weighing 80 kg should not be consumed less than 80 × 10 = 800 calories per day. Every day spend at least 30-40 minutes exercise (walk, bike, and so on). Daily activities also supports leptin levels.
  • Do not neglect sleep. The results of the research showed that less than six hours of sleep reduce the time in decision making and abilities that help to cope with them. Running gear: ghrelin – a hormone that causes hunger. For example, 4 hours of sleep a night for the 28% increase the level of ghrelin and a 23% increase in appetite.
  • It is recommended to sleep 7-8 hours a night. For this the room should be dark, quiet and well ventilated. Before going to sleep can give 10 minutes of meditation to get rid of stress accumulated during the day.

The best diet doesn’t exist, but there are plenty of solutions that help to get rid of extra pounds. These methods allow you to lose weight without any special diets.

  • Exercise to burn calories, and make peace with your body, squeezing your full potential.
  • Diet should be fully balanced to avoid harsh and harmful weight loss.
  • Do strength exercises of moderate intensity to increase metabolism and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle without excessive effort.


Produced by habits

The best way to keep motivated is to invest in long-term changes, change of habits. Habit by definition is effortless, it is routine to which your body accustomed. Once you develop good habits, you will be hard to get rid of them.

We gain weight because we accumulate excess energy as fat. To lose weight, you need to give your body less food than it needs, and force it to use the stock fat as an energy source.

Rethink your diet. For example, eliminate soda drinks and replace them water. This change by itself will help you to get rid of a few pounds.

  • Eat more vegetables and proteins: vegetables are low in energy and fill the stomach, proteins and different nutrients. Enter in your diet as egg, meat or fish and vegetables at will. All can be seasoned with spices and herbs for flavoring.
  • Eat less carbohydrates. Reduce the dose by one-third (30%).
  • Eat slowly. Spend for a meal at least 30 minutes.
  • Try to do without additives. This is a common problem among overweight people.
  • Refrain from snacking. Reason snack that you eat during the main meal. Do not buy more food than you can eat.

The best way to determine are you in your desire to lose weight is to photograph all my food. At the end of each week, such as Sunday morning, allocate 10 minutes to browse all the photos for the week.

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