как отрастить бровиBeautiful smooth eyebrow correct form and good width to form a harmonious oval face and can even adjust it. The shape and direction of the eyebrows ask first impression of the person presenting it or friendly, or aggressive. The value eyebrow beauty cannot be overstated, and many women in this regard are interested in how to grow eyebrows, if specified by the nature of the width and the thickness does not correspond to notions of beauty or during the last correction form to get away from the idea of perfection. You can try to grow eyebrows, but guarantees, alas, no one to give you can’t, because the growth of eyebrows, eyelashes and hair are determined genetically.


Why grow eyebrows

как отрастить бровиEyebrows women dream of in a hurry to grow for two reasons. The first is unsuccessful correction, after which they turned into two thinnest strings, possibly uneven and with visible gaps when browna arc looks like a dotted line. In this case, the question arises – how to grow eyebrows fast? The second reason is dissatisfaction with their own natural abilities with which to fight is very difficult, and often impossible. The number of eyebrow hairs, which determines the form and degree of density, is determined by the number of hair follicles. They cannot be increased, but you can try to awaken the dormant follicles, damaged permanent vysypanie and chemical stains.

And then there is her Majesty fashion. She put the cross on filamentous eyebrows, first making the star Brooke shields, and after years of placing on the podium Cara Delevin. These girls are your eyebrows well-known almost more than any other achievements in acting and modeling career. Naturally, a wide thick eyebrows there are a lot of fans wanting to get the same data.

If you don’t know how to grow eyebrows after plucking or to give them the primordial density, try one of the below methods.


Oil for growing eyebrows

как отрастить бровиNatural vegetable oils are often used to increase hair growth. The same principle works in respect of eyebrows, especially with the eyebrows therapy easier and more hygienic.

As a rule, to accelerate growth of the eyebrows, apply castor and burdock oil that you can buy at a low price in a pharmacy or beauty shop with natural products. The most effective for eyebrow growth is castor oil. Despite the odor, it has a thicker consistency than the rest, and not flowing.

Apply castor oil on eyebrow brush, gently rubbing it into the skin with your fingers. For the best results, you can leave the oil on overnight, blotting the excess cloth. The main thing – the amount that you RUB into the skin, and what is left on the hair only adds to the eyebrows Shine and elasticity.


Cosmetics for growing eyebrows

как отрастить бровиHow to grow eyebrows for a week? Here you will need a high concentration of nutrients for hair growth in special drug. The cosmetic industry is ready to offer a lot of funds for women who overdo it with the eyebrow. Funds are available in different forms (oil, serum, emulsion), and usually are not only for eyebrows, and eyelashes.

Try one of the following tools for eyebrows:

  • serum for eyebrows Rapid Brow (comes in a bottle with a brush like mascara);
  • gel pencil applicator from Dr. Somchai (Eyebrow Growin Gel-Pen);
  • oil to accelerate growth and strengthen eyebrows Renew (Renew Eyebrow Revitalizer);
  • means for eyebrows RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner.

Each cosmetic product must be considered individually. They all work in favor of the growth of hairs due to a complex of vitamins, minerals, oils, special highly concentrated formulations aimed at accelerating growth. Since the use of such facilities is on the face, before purchasing and using it is necessary to familiarize with the list of features and contraindications avoid skin irritation and loss of hair.


Preventive and additional measures

In parallel with the application of cosmetics or oils for growth of eyebrows to achieve results you must provide all possible assistance to these tools.

First, temporarily refrain from colouring of eyebrows and chemical compositions, and by means of decorative cosmetics – let them rest and fully recover.

Secondly, enrich your diet with vitamins necessary for the growth and health of your hair, and therefore eyebrow. Vitamins a, D, E, group B, and polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, which you will find in fresh oily fish, nuts and vegetable oils (olive, Flaxseed, grape seed, mustard, saffron, Chia).

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