From the beauty of a woman’s hands went mad with more than one man. But beauty, let even and natural, the need of constant care. And what better way to emphasize the beauty of a woman’s hands, as no well-groomed nails. But sometimes it happens that the nails broken, flake or worse become wavy, wavy. How to get rid of this problem? If interested in this question of how laser hair removal, here link containing all the necessary information.

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The first thing you need is to determine the cause of corrugated nails. There may be several. The first reason is the wrong manicure. This happens as a result of rough treatment at home. Damage to the nail appear from the coarse circumcision cuticle. Can also be caused and internal problems of the body. Manicure should be entrusted to professionals as well as to conduct such procedure as laser hair removal bikini link.

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Usually this is a problem with the liver and the pancreas. Sometimes the waves appear from the presence of the fungus. Wave may be one, but is large, and may be several. Particularly visible damage to the nail when viewed from the side. Also roughness can be in the form of longitudinal stripes.

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The best way to get rid of this problem is the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Nails reflect the state of our body inside. The Council, therefore, maintain a healthy lifestyle is the real way to lead nails in order.

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If you cannot get rid of this problem, the only way to use special cosmetics. There are special tools that make the nail surface smooth. But they do not completely hide roughnesses. To mask should be used only pearlescent paints. Matt varnish will only mark the waves and all irregularities. The most appropriate colors are bright. Also when applied in several layers of lacquer surface will appear more smooth. But in this case, each layer must be well dry out, otherwise the surface varnish would be unsightly bubbles, which will give the nail unkempt appearance.

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