All the well-known fact that as a woman primping, no matter how trying to hide your age, the hands always show it. Hands require special attention, especially in the cold season, because then the skin to become wrinkled and dry. And some people still complains of dryness in addition to irritation and the appearance of painful cracks not only on the hands, but also on the cuticle. It happen due to the fact that your skin is too thin. Dryness is the first sign of dehydration. And even an expensive cream will not save you from this.
ухоженные руки как главная составляющая женского образа3
Many women often visit a Solarium. And here opinions diverge, some say that the Solarium for hands is helpful if the measure, others that it causes harm. For those who want to stay beautiful, you can just buy a deck (after all, there are special mini-solariums), and independently control the tanning process.

In warm time of the year hands are on the mind. It is no secret that women wear rings — someone just a wedding, someone wears an engagement ring, and someone ‘s engagement ring. Anyway, all the decorations and focus on the hands, so it is important to monitor the skin and nails.

But there is a recipe for hand care, which is available to everyone. For this you need one teaspoon of sawley and the same amount of nettle, pour one hundred milliliters of boiling water, add a little citric acid and put on a steam bath for a quarter of an hour. Then strain through two layers of cheesecloth. To prepare the cream need fifty milliliters of this broth. Further, also on a steam bath to melt half a teaspoon of beeswax, add two teaspoons of olive oil and sea buckthorn one. At first the broth add a teaspoon of gelatine (in cold broth), stirring and boil on a steam bath. When in one bowl melt the gelatin, and the second wax, it is necessary to mix them. Attention! Decoctions should be the same temperature!
Как сохранить руки нежными и бархатными2
Then what happens, not at all like cream. To become so, there you have to add fifty grams of butter. For the smell, you can add five drops of essential oil, but this is not necessary. You should put it in a glass jar for storage (or plastic). You can store it in the refrigerator for more than two weeks.

Of course, the cream is not everything. For the comprehensive care of hands, you need to observe some tips. Namely:
1. Hand wash only with warm water and in any case not cold and not hot. Always wipe dry hands.
2.To protect hands from the cold.
3. Performing your homework, you should always wear rubber gloves.
4. Proper nutrition and adequate amounts of water significantly affect the handles.
5.Every evening massage the hands.
6.Always, leaving the house, you need to grease the hands.

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