как определить поддельную косметикуWe all love to shop at a profit, and sometimes discounts available online, much better than store discounts. But what if the cosmetics that you buy online at a reduced price is not present or contain harmful substances? How to identify counterfeit cosmetics, in the future, not to harm your skin and body?

High quality cosmetic brands are the hardest hit, because reasonable fakes are spreading around the world.

Fake cosmetic products contain harmful substances such as arsenic, lead and even urine.

Buying and selling websites are the main breeding ground for the proliferation of illicit cosmetic products.



There are many worthy merchants online, but also there are many unscrupulous. Buying and selling websites are the fastest and the easiest way for scammers to sell fake cosmetics. However, some products on these sites are genuine, such as unwanted gifts.

An easy way to convince you that you don’t Rob, it is always to choose a list of products with photos, which look as if they are made by the seller. Those who sell fake products almost always use professional images, taken from original branded cosmetic sites, which means you recognize the fake until you get. Also remember that high quality cosmetic brands don’t sell in bulk, so if the list has more than one or two identical products, they probably fake.


Codes products

Most cosmetic products have a product code on the bottle that matches the code on the package. If your product does not have a code on the bottle does not match the code on the product, it’s most likely a fake.



Look closely at the box. Counterfeit products often have deficiencies in packaging, such as unclear printed images, unprotected cardboard packaging, glued the edges and, in some cases, an inappropriate image.


Thin brochure

Always try to read a nested booklet that is inside the package. If anything is not clear, do not use it. Many counterfeit products are made in China and errors in spelling due to poor translation can be the biggest clue that they were fake.


Compare products in store

If in doubt, take your product with you to the store and compare it with an original product that is on the counter. If your product different color, texture, or it has a different smell, a sign of a fake.

Some people report that their products smell like chemicals and even oil. This is not normal and can be harmful to your skin. Such things are more and more common, so do not be afraid to ask the seller to help you. They work with these products every day, so their trained eye will immediately discover the fraud.

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