увеличить губы без операцииNew times bring new standards of beauty. Elegant mouth no longer in fashion, thin lips were still in fashion in the distant past with the fashion for refined aristocratic features. Today expressive passion, which has nothing to do with shyness, but on the contrary, appears bright, without fear look vulgar. Many women are interested in the question how to increase lips without surgery? Is this possible in reality or to increase the volume of the lips need to go to beauty injections?


Volumes without wonders

Before you begin to make available to you the action, trying to increase the volume of the lips, you need to clearly understand that in this case objectively possible and what is not, and what should not be sprayed. Lips without surgery to increase as possible with the introduction of drugs contouring, is impossible, and it is an objective reality that you have to accept. If you do not want or are afraid to resort to invasive cosmetic procedures, you can experience a variety of techniques, including cosmetic tweaks and massage that will allow for a short time a little bit to adjust the volume of the lips upward.


Cleansing, nourishing and massage

увеличить губы без операцииMake lips look attractive, does not necessarily make them hieronymi, resorting to the beauty injections. In some cases, visual volume and beauty lips lacking due to excessive dryness, which does not allow them to look full. Hardly anyone would argue with the obvious fact that the dry chapped lips always look thinner than a healthy, fulfilling, saturated with nutrients. To transform the lips and make them more visually complete, you will need effective exfoliation, which will not only make the lips smooth and silky, but will also enhance the circulation, improving their color and saturation.

For lips, you can buy a special cosmetic scrub in the store, but if you want to deal with home remedies, it is easy to make yourself. As exfoliating funds lip suitable ground coffee and honey, which can be mixed with a drop of olive oil. Massage lips gently with circular motions, trying not to hurt the delicate skin. Already after a single procedure, you will notice changes – lips will become more expressive, smooth and complete.


Exercises for lips

Exercises for lips can perform at any time: they do not take much time, but it is better to combine it with subsequent massage, which will enhance the effect. To improve your blood circulation will suit a variety of exercises, which are the tissues of the lips, allowing them to fill with blood. Before performing exercises on the lips should apply a little oil or hygienic lipstick.

  • stretch your lips into a pipe, straining muscles, hold for a few seconds, then relax;
  • breathe in the air, much puffing out his cheeks, then with a force pushing it through the lips;
  • stretch lips, alternately thus, as if pronounce the sound “a” and “o”.

Perform each exercise for ten to fifteen times, then apply on the lips nutritional composition – cream, lip balm or oil.


Stimulating cosmetics lip

увеличить губы без операцииCurrently in the range of some cosmetic brands have lipstick and balms, which effectively gives the lips. Their action is based on a different approach. Some products contain irritating agents, for example, Arnica or peppermint, causing an immediate rush of blood to his lips, causing a kind of a swelling, which with time comes, and there is nothing dangerous. Other tools are in the composition of substances that penetrate the skin of the lips and seal it from the inside, smoothing out wrinkles and giving them the bulk. This makeup provides your lips smooth, silky, in addition, gives light Shine, which is always beneficial to the visual volume.


The right makeup lip

The easiest and most affordable way to increase the volume of the lips – right to paint them. First, you will need careful study of the pencil outline, only slightly receding from natural path. Its color should ideally be the same shade of lipstick, but should not be much darker. Then you can put lipstick on the entire surface of the lips, carefully placing in the middle of a glossy Shine. If his lips are very thin, you should not paint shiny lipstick all over my mouth – makeup will look rasplavilsya.

If you want to get natural effect shining lips without applying color lipstick, first remove the lips dead skin particles, sakraste their balm for volume, lightly trace the pencil natural beige nude and put on lip transparent Shine. This make-up gives the lips and looks fresh and very attractive.

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