как сохранить загарWhatever the tan, they all want to keep it as long as possible. Fortunately, there are some tricks how to keep a tan without extra costs in terms of Finance and time.

Despite widespread talk about the dangers of tanning and the negative impact of ultraviolet radiation on the skin overall, fans of the bronze skin tone becomes less people go to the resorts, visiting a Solarium, buying agents for self-tanning. It is proved that the color, intensity and lifetime of the tan depends on a number of factors, from where people sunbathed, from climate, from the way sun and so on. It’s no secret, for example, that southern tan fades faster, the sea is different in color from the steppe.


Remove the excess

No matter how you are going to tan before my tan the skin should be thoroughly treated with a scrub. On the surface of our skin regularly, a layer of dead skin cells, this layer is fairly loose structure, that is, sooner or later these cells will be removed naturally, but together with them they will also take the color that the skin has acquired as a result of sunburn. To avoid this, the layer of dead cells need to be removed in advance, before you will be sunbathing. How to do it?

Start with a dry scrub. Without the use of special funds to treat the skin with a dry brush. This way you not only remove the top layer of dead cells and stimulate blood circulation, which in turn stimulates the removal of toxins from the body, which, nanoplates, inhibit cell renewal. Rejuvenated, soft and smooth layer of new skin is much better and produces the pigment absorbs ultraviolet light. And another plus: dry exfoliation – a great prevention of the appearance of cellulite. Movements brush, start from the feet and working your way up to your chest. Move dense and long circular rubbing movement.

After cleaning the skin with a dry brush, take low-fat scrub. Why low fat? This characteristic is important in that case, if you use a cream or spray tanning. The oils in this scrub can affect the uniformity of the coating, causing the appearance of streaks.


Effective hydration

Sufficient moisture is the key to the beauty of the skin. If we are talking about preservation of sunburn, moisturize the skin is necessary not only to tan, but after. Be sure to apply to the skin moisturizing lotion after treating the skin with a scrub. For smooth, soft and well hydrated skin tan of any kind will last longer than dry and dehydrated.

Equally important to moisturize the skin after sunbathing, especially if you are sunbathing on the beach or in the Solarium. In such a case, emollient cream or lotion should be applied almost immediately. Excellent moisturizer aloe Vera gel if you have aloe growing at home, simply cut off the Mature leaves thick, remove the skin and wipe skin wet part of the leaf, let the gel be absorbed. Aloe Vera not only moisturizes and cools sweaty skin. If you use bronzer as a cream or spray, moisturizer should be applied after shower.


A few words about the soul

If you sunbathed on a beach or in a Solarium, in principle it does not matter when you will take a shower immediately after you get home or within a few hours. However, those who use the funds for tanning, it is not recommended to shower for 12 hours after application. If you go into the shower, unable to stand too long, you risk simply wash off your tan before the pigment is absorbed into the skin.


Pills for tanning

There are special pills that, according to their manufacturers, help prepare the skin to tan and to prolong it as long as possible.

For example, Phytobronz Skin Protect contains skin-nourishing oils as well as beta-carotene and lycopene, substances that are contained in carrots and tomatoes. These ingredients help increase melanin production, thus prolonging the life of the tan.


Drink water

Drink more water, especially if you tan in the sun. In such circumstances, the skin rapidly loses moisture, dries and starts to peel off. Flaky skin causes the tan disappears much faster. To effectively hydrate the skin, it should nourish not only from outside but also from within. Water helps replenish skin with essential moisture.


Vitamin A

At long stay under the sun the skin is not only in, but also feels an acute shortage of vitamin A, the lack of which should recover both outside with oils and creams for the body, and from the inside through a pharmacy of vitamins and foods containing vitamin A.

In a period of intense sunburn often try to include in the diet of beef liver, milk, eggs, apricots, spinach, carrots and other vegetables and fruits red and yellow. Get useful rule: every morning start with a glass of carrot juice.


Do not go to the bath

If you use the funds for tanning, and want to preserve a beautiful bronze skin tone, refrain from visiting saunas and the frequent use of body scrubs. Steamed skin much faster getting rid of pigment and scrub as it is known, aiming at the removal of the top layer of cells, where, as a rule, and accumulates the main quantity of the pigment that gives skin Golden tan.

In General, trying to keep a tan, it is recommended to avoid treatments using fruit acids, glycolic or salicylic acid, and creams of depilatories and wax hair removal. During hair removal with unwanted hairs remove the top layer of cells, and as a result, the sun loses its intensity.

If you need to get rid of unwanted hair, it is better to do it with a razor, be sure to moisturize the skin and avoid using scrubs and creams – exfoliants.


Folk remedies for of tanning

  • Taking a bath, add water a few tablespoons of coffee or tea.
  • Prepare ice cubes of strong coffee or tea and just wipe their skin.
  • To preserve soft Golden summer tan you can use the following homemade mask: clean 2-3 tomatoes, chop the pulp into puree, mix with 2 tablespoons of curd, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of milk. Apply the mixture to skin for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water, finally rinse with cold water.

These simple rules and guidelines do not require extra costs no money, no time, the main motivation and the desire to be beautiful and tanned.

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