как выглядеть красиво в очкахYou started to wear glasses, but I’m afraid I will no longer look feminine, as before. But it’s not, because to look good in glasses easy. Do not deprive your trust this accessory. How to fix the situation? This is the question that you asked themselves at least once, when he purchased and tried glasses. You don’t have to worry about this, and you should not consider glasses enemy of your beauty, instead, think of them as a friend who will help you see better and even look better.


What to pay attention in the first place

  • The first important advice on how to look good in glasses, – take care of the eyebrows. They should always be in good condition, because the glasses focus attention on them. If you want, you can correct eyebrows with special means, for example, a pencil.
  • In addition, you must use concealer, because, unfortunately, glasses will emphasize dark circles under the eyes, so you need to hide them. All you need is a drop concealer under my eyes. Then with the sponge, gently RUB the concealer.
  • You want people to notice your beautiful eyes? Then rotate eyelashes, thus eyes will look great and are open. Apply the volume mascara and eye will immediately stand out.
  • As for eyeshadow, you should use a color that complements the color of the frame of your points. For example, if the frame brown, you will look beautiful with blue shades. But if you’re trying to classics and want to look naturally follow neutral shades of the same color.
  • Another step in finding their way in glasses – use eyeliner. Natural dark brown or gray will make eyes look bigger and brighter.


Additional measures

  • But do not forget about the lips. If you have a classic brown or black rim,, bright red or playful pink lipstick. However, if you colored glasses, you should stick to neutral matte lipstick or gloss, because you don’t have to concentrate too many colors on the face.
  • And finally, you should change your hairstyle. If you like long hair, wear them loose. For those who love short hair, ” why not try a haircut Bob and not to Supplement her glasses in the style of “cat’s eye”? You will definitely stand out in the crowd. You will admire both men and women.

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