как выглядеть ухоженнойFemale beauty, as we know, the concept is multifaceted and subjective, but what you cannot argue with is the fact that a beautiful woman is well-groomed woman. Caring for their appearance not borders on narcissism and narcissism, the way you care about your appearance is a reflection of how you feel about yourself as a person. How to look well-groomed and attractive? Well-groomed woman always looks confident, it attracts the views of others and radiates an inner light.

A well-groomed appearance is not only a beautiful manicure or a flawless styling, it’s a combination of factors that must be considered for every woman, if she always wants to look fresh and beautiful.

Look closely at yourself in the mirror and critically evaluate their own appearance. Don’t say your nose is the wrong shape or too full hips. If you look closely, you many notice at peeling nail Polish, not too clean hair, avigliano clothes or sloppy makeup. All these “trifles” in the end, create an image of unkempt and untidy women. So, where to start?


The skin of the face

A key factor of a well-groomed appearance – a fresh complexion that is soft, smooth and glowing skin. How to achieve this? First of all – hydration, hydration and more hydration. The skin need to moisturize not only outside but inside. Daily drink at least two liters of pure water a day, exfoliate regularly and lubricate the skin moisturizer. Special attention should be paid to the most prone to dryness areas: face, neck, hands, feet and shoulders. Do not forget about using sunscreen. Ultraviolet light – the first enemy of the young tender skin, so sunscreen is recommended not only for face but also for all open parts of the body.

Particular attention should be paid to the skin around the eyes, it is this area that often the first wrinkles appear. The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive and it gets old very quickly. Circles and bags under the eyes also do not add beauty. To hide the traces of fatigue and lack of sleep, come to the aid of concealer. Using the correct technique of applying concealer to hide dark circles under the eyes and to give the skin a soft even tone.

Morning and evening no matter how tired or in a hurry, be sure to clean the skin with milk & foam cleanser or micellar water then apply moisturizer. Use the concentrated serum and face mask appropriate to skin type.


The skin of the neck

Don’t forget about the neck. It is the skin of the neck gives age women. Make skin care of the neck an integral part of the daily program of facial care. The skin of the neck, as well as the facial skin needs regular cleansing, nutrition and moisturizing. It is useful to do a neck massage and special exercises to prevent the appearance of double chin. The skin of the neck plays a critical role if you belong to the category of women who love to wear a variety of necklaces, necklaces or brooches with open neckline. The decorations draw attention to the condition of the skin of the neck, so it’s important to preserve her youth and beauty as long as possible.



Another very important point is the removal of unwanted body hair. Start with individuals: well-groomed eyebrows is a beautiful and correct outline, which makes the eyes look more deep and expressive. Most women have a claim to the natural shape of eyebrows, but the perfect shape to easily create, removing distracting from the overall contour of the hairs. Eyebrows should not be too thin, “strings” are long out of fashion, however, even if the trend on wide eyebrows a La Cara Delevingne don’t experiment for the sake of fashion. Wide and thick eyebrows are not for everyone, it is better to give preference to the classic contour with a curvature corresponding to the type of person.

The hair on the upper lip and chin should be removed, and better to do it with wax or a special cream. Make regular waxing legs and bikini area. Some women spend and arm waxing, but if the vegetation on the hands almost invisible, this procedure can be omitted. Waxing is carried out about once a month, if you prefer shaving, then engaged in the removal of unwanted hair on the body will have two to three times a week.

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