как похудетьObstacles that prevent us lose weight, can be overcome. Experts have analyzed the experience of several thousand people who managed to get rid of excess weight and maintain the achieved results within the next five years. The results of the analysis led to the five basic rules on how to lose weight follow will help those who want to get rid of extra pounds.

Attitude to the problem of

Focus on changing its attitude to the problem and not just a decision. You will not loose weight just because took rational decision regarding diets and its volumes. You should change your attitude to consumption of food, address their most intimate desires. Motivation is not always, is positive. It is based may lie fear of loss, many are afraid of losing health or be without communication, to become an outcast in the circle of friends and acquaintances. Analyzing your own motivation, it is necessary to take into account not only the positive effects of excess weight, but also negative. Attainment of normal weight should be a priority, and people should organize his life from this. No one can change your life, but yourself, and if you took a decision, you have to concentrate on its fulfillment. Those who succeed in the struggle with excess weight, note that in the first place should stand motivation, not the technical side of the issue.

Train your self-discipline

Think of self-control as a kind of muscle, which like other muscles, you need to regularly train. Change will not come into your life just because you want it. Every time held the victory over temptation, you train the will and foster self-control. Success breeds success. Having rejected the temptation once you lay the first brick for subsequent decision-making. Some denial-of-the favorite meals turn into a kind of a symbolic act, thus, the person proves itself that it can control your diet and do not deviate from the intended path. Self-discipline plays a key role in changing behavior, but on the other hand, does this mean that the cause of obesity lies in the lack of self-discipline? No, and again no. We know that aspirin relieves headache, but to claim that the cause of headaches is the absence of aspirin, is fundamentally wrong.

Sweet and fatty foods

Sweet and fatty foods or should be completely eliminated from the diet, or reduced to a minimum. These products cause changes at the cellular level, which in turn alters the biochemical reactions of the brain and body. Analyzing the degree of dependence on food, consider the problem in a complex, taking into account physical dependence (changes at the cellular level), do not forget about the dependence of a psychological nature (habitual repetition of a behavioral script in trying to meet the emotional needs). For example, how often your hand reaches for sweet, if you are in a bad mood? You must understand that often dependencies exist in the time continuum. Dependence on food can be manifested in the form of light, be mean or thoroughly entrenched, and that the degree of dependency determines how easy or hard it will be to change the habitual behavior.

Do not condemn yourself for your past, learn from your mistakes

Instead of blame themselves for deviation from this to his promises, try to analyze the situation and in the future not to repeat their mistakes. Ideal people do not exist, it is important to understand that you are on the right path and not get hung up on what you get.


Support of family, friends and colleagues plays a very important role. Fighting excess weight not bring the desired result without the participation of the people close to you. Despite the fact that the decision to change your life you take personally, to put these changes into the life of one person is not under force. And it concerns not only the food but also to all other spheres of our life, the influence of other people in our lives, is much broader and deeper than we think. Emotional support of others is one of the most powerful forces that fuel the desire for change.

However, in order to get help, it is better to turn. Do not assume that others know about your decisions and know that you can help. People criticizing your undertakings whenever doubt in your success, it is better to avoid. Public opinion can be both creative and destructive. Try to surround yourself with people who understood your problem, who are ready to support you and enjoy your success.

To change your Foundation of life is very difficult, but only those who have strong motivation and self-discipline achieve success on this path. If self-discipline is not one of your strongest trait, first, try to understand their relation to food and to understand the need for change. According to psychologists, it is the emotional side of human nature determines his choice. If people understood the OS of your desires, what he wanted to achieve in the future, it is much easier to define the program for changes. What we want most is that what we want to change, keeps a person on the selected way, helps to struggle with temptation and a skeptical attitude of the other. Strong motivation – the main and most correct compass.

If you want to achieve your goals, you must be sure that you are sure to achieve the health and slim figure.

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