Как похудеть в домашних условияхThe procedure of losing weight in SPA-salons are very expensive, not every woman can afford it. Of course, conditions are created for the client the ideal, full comfort, but the procedure itself is Nike is not difficult. Problem areas cover a certain mixture, then washed it and everything.

Such mixtures are anti-cellulite, they promote circulation, remove toxins. During the procedure, blood flow increases, while the body is warmed up, the body begins to sweat.

If the right to hold wraps, you will soon notice how quickly out fat from the waist, and the skin becomes smooth and pleasant. All I want to assure that such procedures can be done at home. And when you lose weight, you will need to do their wardrobe, to buy fashionable dresses, blouses, fur vests that look great on a slim body.

Let’s talk about the wraps: wraps are hot and cold. Hot pack gives the best result, produces a greater effect, but at the same time and has a lot of contraindications. For example, pregnant women should not do hot wraps, also those with vascular and gynecological problems to renounce this pleasure.

Safety rules when wraps

Especially should be careful and in any case not to use hot compresses those who have varicose veins. But the cold wraps you can do everything, unfortunately, they do not give a strong effect in weight loss, but it is very good to tone up, relieve fatigue.Правила безопасности

The wrapping procedure should be carried out correctly, this means that You need to stock up on film food, a warm blanket and ingredients for anti-cellulite blends.

Before you begin, you need to bathe, to cleanse the body, perhaps a scrub or peeling. Very well opens the pores of the coffee scrub, as it exfoliates dead skin cells and ensures the penetration of active substances directly into the skin.

After that, apply a mixture on cellulite those areas that You need to “cure”, wrap them in foil, and cover with a warm blanket, so you need to keep about an hour to great effect. If You find it difficult to be still and all the while lying, it would be better if You will do chores, be more effect. After removing the film, take a shower and apply anti-cellulite cream on these areas.

The entire course of treatments body wraps should be done 12 times, preferably 3 times a week for a month. Of course, you can stretch for several months, as you prefer. To repeat the course every six months.

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