похудеть в бедрахMany women believe that all the calories entering the body with meal, is no where else, namely on the hips. Indeed most of the fat accumulates in the first place there. How to lose weight in hips and harmony with your body?


Genetic heritage

Before menopause, a woman’s body accumulates fat on the hips, it is this type of shape is called pear-like. These reserves thousands of years ago helped cave women surviving in times of drought and famine, also in such difficult circumstances fat reserves allowed women to give birth and breastfeed children, but in the period of pregnancy and breast-feeding woman spends no less than 1000 calories a day. It turns out that the formation of fat in the hips – the genetic heritage of our ancestors.

Genetic feature of fat in the thighs in women is one of the main reasons of this the fat so hard to get rid of.

Genes means of hormones and enzymes to send every excess calorie exactly in fat cells. But do not despair, there are ways that can help get rid of the content of fat cells or at least reduce its volume.

There are two main types of accumulation of excess weight. For some people it is accumulated in the lower part of the body, creating so called pear-shaped form, the fat is concentrated in the abdominal region, and this figure is called the «Apple». By the way, people with pear shape body in this case is a certain advantage, because, according to research, it is belly fat, and not the hips, dangerous for health, because abdominal fat clogs arteries and into the circulatory system. However, there is another side to the coin: from thigh fat get rid harder than that of belly fat.

Key factors in the fight against excess weight in the hips is the intense physical activity and a healthy balanced meals. Certain types of exercises not only help to get rid of fat on the hips, but with muscles of the legs – the largest and the strongest muscle in the human body.


Strength training weight

Many believe that training with a weight not suitable for those who would like to lose weight, but actually correctly selected strength exercises can be very effective in the fight against excess weight. Intensive half-hour training with weight burning up to 266 calories. Work with weight stimulates metabolic processes in the body. If you train every day should not two days in a row working on the same muscle group. Muscles need to recover, so in today enjoy the upper part of the body, and tomorrow pay attention to the bottom.


Specific exercises with weight

The basis for the exercise should be exercises, which involve the joints, such as squats, lunges, presses and work with dumbbells. Such movements aimed at the work of many muscle groups, their implementation burns a lot of calories, which in turn leads to a more rapid weight loss. Even if you don’t notice a decrease in the volumes of the hips, the trained muscles in this area will make thigh more established and slim, though it becomes apparent only when take fat. Include in the program of training вышагивания on the platform, reverse lunges, raising the buttocks in the «bridge»position, the side bar. Develop a program of four-five exercises, do three sets of each exercise, each approach repeat not 9-12 times.


Cardio workouts

Cardio load and play an important role in burning calories and loss of extra pounds. In the fight against overweight are equally effective cardio load and low and high intensity. Training of low intensity burn more calories in a given area, while high intensity exercise allows you to burn more calories throughout the body. Ежедневны allocate 20 minutes for cardio workouts, alternating days with high and low intensity. During high-intensity training run, swim, follow the interval exercises at the gym, at low intensity simply have a walk through the Park or a swim in the pool.



Here are some exercises that will help you get rid of extra weight on the hips:

  • Exercise at strengthening the inner thigh

Sit on a chair, feet on the floor, knees bent at 90 degrees. Place a pillow between his thighs, as if you want to squeeze out what is inside pillows. Exhale, clutching a pillow hips, hold this for a moment, breathe normally. Relax your muscles.

  • Exercise on the outer side of the thigh

The initial position is the same as in the previous exercise. Place the palms on the sides of the knees, bend the hips, trying to separate them in hand, the resistance put his palms. Linger in the phase of resistance to one minute, and don’t hold your breath, relax, and go to the next exercise.

  • Leg from a sitting position (works the front of the thigh).

Starting position is the same. Hands resting in the chair seat on the sides of themselves. On the exhalation, lift and pull the right leg forward, pause for 3 seconds, then inhale lowering your legs on the floor. On the exhale do the same with the left leg.

  • Bridge from a sitting position (back surface of the hips and buttocks)

Sit on the edge of sustainable chair. Feet on the floor, knees bent at 90 degrees. Palm lay on a chair. On the exhale raise hips, supporting the weight of the body, palms and feet. Lift the hips as body did not accept the position of the bridge. Linger on the 20-60 seconds, please starting position, and repeat several times.

Remember that getting rid of extra pounds in the hips is not only training, but right diet. Before intensive exercise or sit on a strict diet, you should consult with a nutritionist and a qualified fitness trainer.

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