Как похудеть в ляшках

How to lose weight in lashkah once and for all, and in the shortest possible time, the dream of every woman nonideal feet. Still, after all this visible cosmetic defect in the literal sense prevents to live a full life. On the beach ashamed to appear. The evening event or a romantic date have to choose something not too tight. And so how obvious discordant hips in your favorite narrow jeans, it is better to keep silent! What we will do and where to start to fix the situation?


To lose weight in lashkah helps a special diet, which should be long term. To be more precise, for the beauty of your legs, you have finally and irrevocably go to the system proper, balanced diet. The fact that all strict, hungry and fast methods allow you to lose weight, face, stomach, waist, hands, and even chest. But the opposite thigh fat by law natural meanness will melt in the last turn. Here is how time and duration of the diet due to expire.

To make Laski really lost weight, you can use a number of recommendations. First, give up all harmful products – white bread and rolls, pastries and sweets, sweet drinks, refined sugar, and food that contain a lot of salt and/or Supplement binge eating” (MSG). In the black list should be canned food, fast food, frozen semi-finished products, sausages.

The menu is fruits and vegetables. The first should be included in the morning and afternoon menu, and the latter can eat the whole day and in any form – in baked, boiled, stewed, steam, cheese, grilled. Don’t forget about the sources of protein (lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, milk and milk products). To the word of the lack of protein in the diet will cause hunger, causing you to the organization of an extraordinary star.

Pamper yourself useful “desserts” – spoon of honey, a handful of dried fruit (as well as the fruit them only in the daytime) or nuts, berries. Organize a fractional power and refrain from habits late dinner. By the way, if you’ll go to sleep after midnight, and then to the refrigerator to run secretly and in the dark, in order to “feed” their loin, there will be nobody.

Do not expect a rapid weight loss of LASEK, if in addition to diet, you are no longer want to help himself. You face a very serious and difficult task, the solution of which should be complex. Integral points of the struggle for slender legs should be a sport training. Also its efficiency in practice proved different types of massage this problem areas.

Physical activity

If you consider what and how to do to lost weight Laski, for starters give an objective assessment of their way of life. Whether you are moving? After all, one of the main reasons why hip cease to be slim, accumulating fat and cellulite, is a logical consequence of inactivity. So try to cut down the time you spend passive – in front of the TV, computer, etc., then you can help:

  • Hiking and Biking;
  • Jogging and walking;
  • the UPS and downs of the stairs as a healthy alternative to the Elevator;
  • the rollers in the summer and skiing in winter;
  • complex of exercises (weight and cardio);
  • training on simulators;
  • swimming and water aerobics.

It would seem that the most simple, affordable and effective way on how to lose weight in Lasko is performing exercises that train the appropriate group of muscles. However, not every woman enough effort, time and patience (and can be, and desire) to give time to such exercises. Therefore, special popularity was gained by other, more “passive” methods of correction, which will be discussed below.


Classical massage. Procedure of professional specialist in the beauty salon, medical center, and if lucky, right at home. Alas, but it is worth a massage slimming Lasik is a lot of money, so not all women have the financial possibility to use it for control of body fat.

Self-massage. The procedure is quite effective (of course, with the previous form’t compare) and available. You will need only massage gel or oil and own skillful and strong enough hands. Start samomassaj with stroking the skin to heat the tissue and prepare them for a more intensive influence. Then go to rubbing, viimane, the taps. Grab the folds of fat (but not the only one skin), make pressing traffic, compress, think, “prostukivanie” them with the edge of his hand. Complete relaxing massage strokes.

Vacuum massage. How to lose weight in LASEK using the cheapest massager? Buy in any drugstore special silicone jars. Unlike applied this method does not require a lot of power, but this is not as fast. During the procedure you mount the jars to your hips and move clockwise. Massager “sticks” to the body, grasping little fat tissue and creating in her inner space vacuum.

Hydromassage. You can perform the procedure in the shower, using a special nozzle and directing the flow to the hip and periodically changing the temperature of the jet and the distance to the body. Can I lose weight in Lasko, just taking a bath? Yes, with pleasure easily combine, if you arm yourself with a massage brush, glove or to use natural loofah. But more painful, but also very effective massage is a power shower.

Honey massage. Mix a couple of tablespoons of honey with 10 drops of citrus essential oils. Apply on the palms and start patting yourself on the hips. Over time, honey begins to thicken and stick to the skin, creating a vacuum effect. Strengthen the intensity of strokes. After 15 minutes to complete the procedure and Vytautas under a warm shower.

Vibromassage. The principle of the portable of vibro-massage lies in the mechanical effect on the surface of the problem areas. This “shake-up” increases blood flow to the hips, making the cells more saturated with oxygen. With regular use of such devices is possible to notice a positive effect, but the revolutionary its still not be called.

Compression massage. How to lose weight in lashkah at the salon, but so completely without pain? This is exactly the case. Other names for this innovative procedure, pressotherapy, pneumomassage, lymphatic drainage massage. During the session you wear a special suit that with the help of compressed air affects the lymphatic system, and are removed from the body toxins, waste, excess fluid.

LPG-massage. Remove fat and cellulite with Lasik, acting independently at home or with the help of experts cosmetic salon and even plastic surgery clinics in different ways. But this cabin procedure is considered to be one of the most effective. During this special massage videos captured layer folds of fat and how would “grind” layer.

Home cosmetology

To lose weight in lashkah home, you can use masks and wrappings. Ingredients in the formulations are usually inexpensive and available, and the procedure is simple and pleasant. Let us consider some beauty recipes that are time tested and have proven their effectiveness. Just remember that this beauty will make a difference if you will be combined in a complex with other methods – proper diet and sports training.

  1. Mix 1 tablespoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of sea salt and crushed 2 tablespoons warmed olive oil. Put on a steamed skin hips and RUB massaging movements. After 15 minutes, take a shower.
  2. Connect 2 table-spoon ground sharp red pepper, 2 tablespoons of cinnamon, and 2 tablespoons burdock oil. Apply on Laski, wrap them with cling film. After 25 minutes to finish the procedure.
  3. Apart 200 grams of cocoa powder in 100 ml hot water. You should get the mixture is the consistency of reminding dense sour cream. Add a few drops of olive oil and apply on the problem area. Wrap film. Keep the mask 30 minutes. A similar structure is being prepared on the basis of instant coffee.


Katrin, 26 years old. Long thought how to lose weight in lashkah and spending a minimum of time. Vibration and massage machine bought, but did not help and in General very quickly tired. Massage jars too didn’t work. But I love to do wrap for legs. But because of the expected effect is also not reached, had to go on a diet. Then I fond of sports, so now instead of dinner I have a full training every day and on weekends in the morning and still running.

Anastasia, 25 years. In its time, was inspired by the fact, how lost Tanya Rybakov. Began to use its rules of nutrition. Hotelos well, but that’s it on lashkah every inch as though someone had pasted. Figure-“pear” is, perhaps, some men and attracts, but cellulite is unlikely. Diet with him could not cope. Charging can I do to make myself could not, but I found my salvation in the beauty shop where I put “overalls” for pressure therapy.

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