For the health of the skin being watched many. Well-groomed hands and feet – confidence and respect of other people. To care for the skin of hands and feet, so that they are always neat and tidy.
Как поддержать красоту и здоровье кожи рук и ног
To complement the way you can not only beautiful manicure and pedicure, and put on a watchthat emphasize gracefulness and elegance hands. Following some rules that will help to save not only youth and health, as well as will make the skin nourished and will save from drying out. During the work with water, be sure to use gloves, which should be sized. Wash hands with soap necessary but not all soap able to take good care of the skin. Therefore it is better to use cosmetics, which contains substances prevent drying out the skin. After each hand washing, use of nutrients or moisturizing cream. Hand wash only use water of room temperature. Do not forget about medicinal baths, which are able to restore its elasticity and softness of the skin. For this purpose in warm water, add two tablespoons of olive or vegetable oil. Oil can be replaced with a spoon glycerol and tea spoon of liquid ammonia. The procedure takes half an hour. The course of treatment for ten days, according to need repeating. To get rid of calluses on his hands make a mask out of starch. Mask from cabbage and serum will return coarse and rough skin beauty and velvety. Salt baths not only strengthen the nail, but would avoid the sweating of the hands. To watch and care for your skin regularly. Use masks, creams, scrubs, and make a massage. Observing elementary rules can keep you healthy and silky skin.
Как поддержать красоту и здоровье кожи рук и ног1
The skin of the feet also requires attention. Many people following her only when summer comes. This is not correct. Care must be regular. Necessarily every day to wash the feet warm or cool water. Remove time corns and dry skin, using scrubs and pumice. To use nourishing cream for dry skin, making massage. Wear comfortable and high-quality footwear that will help to avoid rubbing (skin damage). Because of the beauty and health depends on the health and confidence.

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