There is a great variety of different techniques drawing on nails. Increasingly found manicure made with water. The image is marble.
Как сделать мраморный рисунок на ногтях2
The main advantage of this manicure is that it can perform anyone. Visit a beauty centre , not everyone can afford. Manicure on the water does not require drawing skills.

It is interesting that each nail will be different, because it is impossible to create exactly the same figure.

Despite the fact that the aqueous manicure is quite simple, it requires a lot of time and perseverance. But we can safely rely on the excellent results the first time.

First of all it is necessary to cover each nail with a clear varnish. To give the nails to dry thoroughly.

The capacity to pour warm water. Hot or cold water will not work. The temperature should be about 40 degrees. Otherwise, the varnish may be curtailed.

Colored varnishes must be sufficiently liquid. Not to be diluted with a solvent. This can cause the paint to mix with water. Picture will not work.

The skin on the fingers must be greatly cream spread. The nail Polish will get on the skin. The cream will facilitate the task to delete. You must carefully watch, that even a drop of cream did not get on the nail. Otherwise the lacquer will quickly peel off.

It is desirable to use not more than three colors of nail Polish. Sprinkle each varnish on the water in turn. Each drop should be slightly blurred by the water.

With a toothpick to create the pattern on the water. This can be done in any order. The lacquer should not stay on the water longer than a minute.
Как сделать мраморный рисунок на ногтях

Further, it is necessary to dip the nail into the water directly on the generated image. Then immediately remove the nail from the water. Cloth to remove the Polish from the skin around the nail. To manicure lasted longer possible to cover it with a clear varnish.

To do this procedure with each nail. Water is not necessary to change. You can simply collect the remnants of varnish in the water with a toothpick.

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