как сделать вечерний макияжBeautiful evening make-up is available not only to the stars of show business, in whose possession celebrity makeup artists, but ordinary women who attend various events and need in a spectacular manner. This makeup can slightly differ from the usual day, but, however, requires a careful approach, a good Arsenal of cosmetics and accessories and qualification of the person. Otherwise how to make an evening make-up, which will remain for a long time?


Harmony and relevance of the image

How to do make-up evening, if you first want to output and little experience in applying makeup dark tones or rich textures. First, do not worry, because a person need not evident expressive arrows or sexually selected mouth. There are some instances where you can give the image brightness, but sometimes you can do the natural shades, giving person attractiveness.

As the evening make-up, for example, for the wedding of the best friend? In this case, do not try to be more beautiful and expressive bride that’s to be the main heroine of the evening. If you bridesmaid, stop dark shadows, extra sparkle to eye makeup, from heavy eyeliner and unnatural puppet eyelashes stuck together and комочках. Try to match the occasion, which are best suited pastel shades, careful feather lines and smooth color transitions. Nude choice of style evening make-up, emphasizing your youth and freshness.

If the style of the invisible make-up is not quite appropriate, but the desire to paint passionate retro-clockwise emphasizes the contrast. If you have blue or grey eyes, use warm shadows, for example, terracotta hue, Karim and green eyes, purple suit.


Good manners

As the evening make-up, achieving a natural shining face – the question of the many beginners, the more problematic or dull skin. Beautiful radiant skin will become a decoration of any image, the more festive, so it is important to buy a good tool for masking and alignment.

Clean the skin with scrub, wipe with a refreshing tonic with content of fruit acids. Apply a thin layer of primer on the face, wait until it is completely absorbed and proceed to hide defects of a skin.

The goal of a good evening make – a smooth, radiant tone. But how to make an evening make-up, if the skin has looked tired, she lacks the lights? Refrain from matte textures, Moussa or creampowder take tone fluid with reflective particles or with the effect satin Shine. But first you need a proofreader, which reliably hide pimples, redness, hyperpigmentation. Apply concealer with your fingers or with a sponge targeted movements, good shading border. To neutralize the redness need dense green concealer to hide the dark circles under the eyes need a moderately liquid concealer with a yellowish sheen with shining pigments.

Concealer apply fingers, sponge or brush, depending on the texture. Advance you need from the middle of the face to its contours, carefully elaborating the field of correction of консилером, aligning tone. Hair kill it, and laid back rim, or an elastic band. Try to put liquid Foundation, as, however, and any other products for the evening make-up, lighting conditions, maximally close to the natural daylight.


The field of light and sculptural work

How to apply make-up evening to face looked radiant, but not without greasy Shine? Lights are always makes evening make-up of the day, but the pledge of a beautiful image of moderation Shine, and not in his redundancy. The secret is in the right kind of texture tone means, blush and eyeshadow.

Buildable should make the face thin silky Shine, blush can be a little more expressive in splendor and, of course, in the shade. If you want to give radiance eyes, choose the shade of the effect of «metallic», lips you can leave Matt or emphasize a pearly glow, not abusing expressiveness and richness of shades of lipstick.

Adjust the shape of the face can be using the compact or loose бронзанта. Dial a small amount wide natural brush and прорабатывайте the areas to be more prominent. How to apply make-up evening, to make cheekbones more expressive, visually hide chin and narrow face – apply bronze powder on these zones, observing all rules of good feathering.

If you are interested in, as do the right thing evening make-up by all the rules of art professional makeup, you may need to hightlight. It is a means to highlight different areas, which is usually used together with бронзирующей cosmetics. Hightlight is applied under the eyes on line cheekbones from above, on the wings of the nose, which tend to have a reddish irritated color, and chin.


Competent range

Selection of shades of color cosmetics for the holiday overall image is not as broad as is commonly believed. How to put make-up evening, if there is not much experience in combining shades? Either choose monochrome decisions or classic color combinations that will not allow you look ridiculous.

From monochrome options, the most common shades of purple on the eyelids and cold pink on the lips. For owners of warm, low-key low-key color type, a good solution might be to olive-brown colors with exquisite brilliance of colours. Classic Smokey eye – grey-black gamma eye and imperceptible matte or pearly Shine on the lips.

Profitable and successful contrasting color combination: pink and grey, bright green and orange, purple and green eyelids, pearl white eyes and a cold scarlet lips.

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