как сделать красивые бровиIn fashion naturalness, which concerns the state of the eyebrows. But the naturalness naturalness strife, and in any case it is not a synonym of untidiness and neglect in the form of overgrown eyebrows and formless. How to make beautiful eyebrows by yourself and at home every woman should know. So as to go to the salon does not always have the opportunity and time, and take care of the eyebrows is not difficult.

Beautifully defined eyebrows that are appropriate to the type of person that will give you confidence in yourself, and morning makeup will cease to be a laborious and time-consuming. And sometimes you can do without it is a beautiful eyebrow allow a person to look natural and expressive.

When you are wondering how to make beautiful eyebrows yourself, you must take into account several factors. First of all, it is your face shape and weight, and secondly, your hair color.

Sometimes natural hair needs to be considered, as the blondes, who grow dark roots, they blend perfectly with the dark eyebrows that looks much more effective than dark eyebrows with svejeispechennyi roots.

If you don’t know how to make a beautiful eyebrow itself, you can in the first time to contact the master in the salon. He will adjust the shape of the eyebrows according to their kind and your face, will make them more expressive with colour, and you will only have to maintain the eyebrows, created by professional.


Brows – a direct relationship forms

как сделать красивые бровиEyebrows define the impression others of your face, and therefore their shape and color is very important. Most importantly – compliance with eyebrow shape and type of face, that is, not only the characteristics of the circuit, but also such factors as weight, swelling of eyelids, size and shape of the eyes. Some lucky ladies lucky and they don’t have to fight for a new form of the eyebrows, because nature does not need a strong correction.

If your natural eyebrows are not suitable for your face, for example, make it sad (eyebrows “house”) or predatory (broken, dark, or very wide and looking down), they need to adjust, but not too zealously. You most likely will not work at home dramatically change the shape of the eyebrows, and you need to turn to the master for the tattoo or the correct correction.


Maintaining the softness and proportions

как сделать красивые бровиTo know how to make a beautiful eye brows, you first need to objectively evaluate his face. Narrow or oval face are suited eyebrows with moderate angulation. If the face is elongated, try not to draw a high eyebrows, because you will create an imbalance in the person.

Angular features will not tolerate much broken eyebrows, in which the upper part turns into an acute tick – it should be more smooth. Will not fit such eyebrows and oval face with moderate soft features, he needs eyebrows more rounded.

Pear-shaped face with a low forehead requires careful work with the eyebrows, which should be well defined, especially in the area of the tip. The shorter visually eyebrows, the narrower will appear in the upper area of the face, making the jaw even harder.

Heavy eyebrows at the bridge of the nose need to pull out, but gently, not much going on towards the middle.


How beautiful to do eyebrow – pencil rule

как сделать красивые бровиWhen any form of person you want to preserve the natural look of eyebrow, possibly bringing it to the perfect proportions. The length of the eyebrows is not less important than width, and from it you need to push off as he searched for the correction.

How to make a beautiful eye brows? To start, you will help ordinary pencil. Take the pencil and place it vertically against the wing of the nose. The point, which crosses the area of the eyebrow is the point of their inception. Take a pencil, press the area with eraser tip to the wing of the nose, sending him to direct straight line the outer corner of the eye. Where the pencil crosses the region of the eyebrow, and it should be ended. Within these two points marked the beginning and end of the eyebrow and need to do, carefully adjusting the shape and color.


The basis of the correction is to know when to stop

как сделать красивые бровиThe plucking excess hair should be at the bottom and not the top area of the eyebrows. From the upper part very carefully remove the hairs that are significantly behind the marked nature of the line. The bottom also remove excess hair, then gently moving to moderate thinning.

Impeccable and the feminine form of the eyebrows looks smooth, its base is approximately two times wider than the tip. From these ratios it is necessary to proceed by adjusting the shape of the eyebrows with tweezers. Thinning eyebrow with a distance of approximately half the length, moving slowly towards the tip, but it is better from the point of fracture. Do not make a big difference between the two halves of the eyebrow, pulling from the middle to the thinnest of threads, the line should be smooth.

The fracture is natural, but often have to focus yourself. Very gently, pull out hair from the bottom, trying to form a beautiful option. Clearly control the process, do not overdo it. In the upper zone, too, can help to form the bend, if smooth in a straight line slightly formless sprawling to the proposed tick eyebrows.

If the correction you noticed visibili a little more, not a problem – at the initial stage can paint over pencil, simulating hair shades for the brow or pencil in tone.

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