Human fingernails, is one of those parts of our body that is most exposed to different influences. They, like my hands are always in close relationship with the environment, with detergent. Especially washing dishes. However, to avoid the effects of harmful substances, you may wear gloves. But unfortunately, many do not.
Польза масляных ванночек
And if it so happens that to avoid contact with detergents failed, and the nails become thin and brittle, they will once again to buy, but in special medicinal infusions, which will strengthen the nail plate and returns to its former appearance.

For this procedure to need medicinal herbs of calendula, yarrow, chamomile, sage and plantain. Each of these herbs has unique features to act on the condition of nails. And all the herbs together contribute to comprehensive treatment, and rehabilitation of nails.
Домашние ванночки для ногтей2
In addition to herbs will need a special container for water and naturally warm water. In order prepared bath for nails was intense, pre-mix all the herbs in equal proportions, to put on a wide bandage and carefully wrap and tie, so that the grass is not scattered. After that, the bundle of herbs should be placed in the samovar, pour in water and bring to a boil. The samovar can be, both electric and wood. Big difference in this.
Ванночки для рук с азимином 5
Next, the water from the samovar is poured into the vessel that performs the function of the baths, where and drop the fingers. Thus to withstand the nails in the broth needed as long as the water cools. Then to get them out of the water, slightly wet soft towel, apply a nourishing cream.
After the procedure is to do nothing, that is, to defer all their household chores, especially washing dishes. Even if it’s a samovar, which after cooking the broth should wash. It is better to pour water, to which add 10-20 grams of lemon juice, boil and turn off. Everything else can wait until tomorrow.
Ванночки для ногтей: их суть и рецепты
Remember that today You save your nails, and will deal with the rest later.

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