to wear jeans with holes, but not everyone wants to pay a considerable sum for a pair of holey jeans. This is not necessary: you can either buy a couple of cheap jeans and make them holes yourself, or to make holes in jeans that have served you for many years.

Select a pair of inexpensive jeans, with which you can experiment. Sometimes experiments can fail, so take these jeans that you will not throw a pity.


How to make holes on the new jeans

  • как сделать дырки на джинсахTake a pencil and draw a horizontal line on the jeans in those places where you want to make holes. To achieve the effect of natural, worn, holes should be in places where jeans are often torn: on my knees on the front of the thighs, on the back of the ankles. Can wear jeans and get someone to draw on these holes or find a pair of jeans that already have holes, and copy them. Since even the most careful person can draw a rough line, it is best to use chalk or a pencil, which after washing will not leave a trace on the fabric. To select the desired stations you can by drawing a circle or oval, or a dashed line.
  • Lay the jeans in front of him on a flat surface. Locate the path of the first future holes. Using Sparafucile seams or one half of the scissors gently place your fabric in the center of the drawn line. Pull one or two horizontal strands and cut them.
  • Tightly pull the fabric around the drawn line and, holding her, treat this area with sandpaper. Pressing quite hard, RUB the cloth short movements. You will see how threads turn into fringe and surface jeans gets worn look. The longer you RUB the fabric, the more threads will appear. Move the sandpaper in different directions, forward, backward and diagonally.
  • как сделать дырки на джинсахAgain take spiriutal seams or scissors and pick up a few threads around the drawn line. Pull a few threads up and cut them. Keep rubbing cloth emery paper and pick up the threads until it forms a small hole.
  • Fingers make a small hole bigger. Don’t tear the fabric in a certain direction, just stretch the hole, and it should be torn horizontally. Remember that over time, the hole will get bigger, so stop when it will be a little less than you want.
  • Again RUB the cloth around the edges of the holes with sandpaper and still pull a few threads around the hole. You can pull the remaining long line of jeans or if you wish to leave them.
  • In the same way and make the rest of the planned hole.


Tips and warnings


How to make holes in worn jeans

  • как сделать дырки на джинсахIf the idea of buying new jeans to make them holes, seems ludicrous, you can make a hole on those jeans that you already wear.
  • Try to choose a pair of light jeans, which have the effect of wear and quite poochini. Darker jeans will not look so natural.
  • What makes ripped jeans more modern than those who wore ten years ago, is the style. Choose a narrow straight jeans, the length to the ankle. Avoid flared or free jeans.
  • The more you make a hole in the knee, the more it will SAG. So start with a small hole, which itself will increase over time.
  • Think about which hole you want to do on their jeans. Try, for example, to make a few smooth areas and narrow holes in the knees or choose a different design.
  • Wear jeans and mark those places that are on your lap, pinned thereto safety pins on both sides. Be sure to do this while standing, otherwise the hole will SAG if you check it sitting.
  • как сделать дырки на джинсахCut a small hole (don’t make it too big) and put it flat wooden Board, placing it inside leg.
  • Thoroughly RUB the hole with sandpaper. Sandpaper is good because it can be rotated to any angle that will help you to act more precisely. You can also use paint thinner, it will help to achieve the same effect as sandpaper.
  • Now, using the same sandpaper (not scissors) RUB the fabric in several places, while the bottom does not seem white thread. If you want to make the holes, use scissors.
  • Often holes in jeans doing on his knees, just above the knee, just below the pockets and the pockets themselves. It looks great hole with fringe on the pocket, under flap is tissue that covers the skin.
  • To the hole over time does not become too large, you can strengthen it along the edges with a few stitches.

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