Women’s legs are more than just a means of transportation. Them with all confidence can be used as a weapon to gain attention and achieve their goals. Of course, in order to become an effective weapon, foot requires constant care to make them the most attractive, and the skin smooth and soft.
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One of the recent innovations of cosmetic services is Andover therapythat can effectively get rid of cellulite and remove annoying centimeters. The use of specialized apparatus leads to normalization of blood circulation and lymph flow, has a light peeling effect. Designed to get rid of cellulite, the therapy also helps athletes to carry away the lactic acid after exercise, lose weight in a short time and boost muscle tone.

In addition to the formation of cellulite legs are a number of other problems, from which it is also desirable to get rid of. The skin on the feet due to the fact that experiencing constant load, tends to statiunea, quickly thickens. In combat this will help emollient cream that should be applied evenly. Exfoliation of the skin, which is roughened without due care, should be done daily, if such a need remains. Next will be necessary only once during the week.
Как летом привести ноги в порядок2
Feet will be most grateful, if before going to sleep, take a relaxing bath in warm water and apply a nourishing cream, wrapped them in soft cotton socks. For greater effect, water can be added foam, sea salt.

Special care requires lower leg area, where the skin is most prone to drying out. At least once per week is required to use the scrub, after which the skin is necessary to apply a nourishing moisturizer.

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