Короткие ногти квадратной формы становятся модными

Short nails square shape become fashionable

Recently, people with square shape nail art is becoming more. The reason for this popularity is the practicality, ease of execution and a great opportunity for flight design ideas.

People fit the nail square shape?

Square nail shape looks good on brush of medium size, with long fingers, thin Constitution. The width of the nail plate should be average, closer to the narrow, thin fingers, without swelling on the joints. The presence of coarse skin, will spoil the overall impression. In addition, we need to remember that a large and strong hands and also petite and graceful are not suitable for the design of square nails. If you are very wide of the nail plate or “humpback” nails, also should refrain from this idea. The nail will look like a claw, and it is really not nice.

So, you have examined my hands and came to the conclusion that your hands are the perfect base for nail square shape? Then we will introduce you to simple rules of how to make the nail square shape.

The technology to create nail square shape:

Для ногтей квадратной формы делаем обязательный маникюр в строгой очередности шагов

Nail square shape make mandatory manicure in a strict sequence of steps

  1. Prepare the necessary tools (snipers, manicure scissors, tweezers care tips, clippers and nail files with different grain size).
  2. Prepare hands for the upcoming process:
  • Remove old nail Polish if it is not still clear the nail from grease and dust. For this purpose we use a liquid varnish remover and a cotton pad.
  • Soften the nails and skin – holding the fingers in a small bowl with warm soapy water.
  • Take out, wipe with a towel and proceed to the most important.
  • Take the pliers and form a square nail plate. The length depends on the “blanks” or your desire.
  • Cut in one motion, in a straight, not rounded corners. Rounding will lead to a weakening of the nail plate. Nail file moves in one direction, from one side to the other.
  • Also handle side plate, making necessary the corner of the nail.
  • Completing all working velvet nail file. Rounded sides and end of the saw cut.
  1. Give the nail a square shape.

How to keep nails square shape?

Натуральные ногти квадратной формы нужно корректировать каждые три дня

Natural nails square shape need to be updated every three days

To the nail remained in the required form, they need to fix the file every three days. When problem areas immediately eliminate defects (such as cracks, chips, hooks) polishing or other necessary file.

Nail design square shape

A little imagination and your nails will look perfect. On a square nails looks good French manicure in different variations, review the pages of fashion magazines, watch fashion trends and find your own unique design, because of the square shape nail art allows you to implement paintings, drawings of almost any complexity.

How to make nails square shape on the toenails

На ножках ногти квадратной формы с французским маникюром выглядят изумительно

On the legs the nail square shape with a French manicure look amazing

To make the nail square shape on the toenails, repeat the process exactly as for the fingers. Square nail plate is very convenient for tight shoes. If the Shoe is open, adjust the length of the nail of each finger, the main criterion is the aesthetic appearance.

An important advantage of the nail square shape, is the minimum turning, giving the ability to fully preserve the nail plate. In this case, the nail will always be strong and healthy. If you have a soft and brittle nails that are easily exfoliate, it is better for them to choose a square shape, regardless of the structure of the fingers.

Constantly take care of your nails is very important, as it guarantees them a healthy appearance, the correct, desired shape and your confidence. While modern technology allows you to choose which is more suitable for you: own manicured nails and stylish lengthened nails. Try both – looks great!

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