lace can make a thin elegant applique on the pants leg in the thigh on the side. The most daring can make lace lining on the reverse side of the hole in the jeans. In this case, the lace is a kind of patch for holes, and looks so fashionable solution incredibly stylish and bold.
  • Jeans into capris. The easiest way to give new life to old jeans, but to get to your wardrobe with a new item of clothing to turn them into capris. It’s easy enough to cut off the legs so that the length reaches the level of the palm above the knee. Next, Capri can tuck on the outside, but if you want to show your personality and you can decorate a lapel, contrasting fabric. This can be a solid color fabric or material with fashionable prints – in a cage, striped or printed floral pattern. The original version, to make a temporary overlay on top of the pants, fixing them with duct tape, but not be bound threads. So you will not be able to stay in the experiments and to find different ways of lining under different models of shoes.
    • The blow-out patch. For those who are young, brave and has a wardrobe unnecessary jeans, there is always the option of Transfiguration denim with the help of applications. They lift the mood, and how no other way this allows you to show individuality, in the literal sense-tabbing or glued to jeans the images with which you associate yourself or would like. This can be the hearts, simple animal figures, deliberately uneven and contrast stitched rectangular patches, letters and inscriptions. There is the option of gluing pieces cut from fine cotton fabric, the adhesive surface through steam iron. But this option may be irreversible, and if you don’t want that, try to sew figures visible external stitch.
    • Classic glamour. Beads and rhinestones is what we have been suggesting to wear jeans, but many desperately resist, preferring minimalism and traditions strict denim. If you are not alien the shining rhinestones or three-dimensional embroidery small or large beads, try to decorate jeans by them. It is not necessary to repeat the same scheme, which for years appear in cheap teen jeans. Take a look at this solution otherwise, garnish with rhinestones or Rescate beads not in region back pockets and the front of the waist and the cuffs of his jeans. Rhinestones and beads in this area can luxuriously be combined into a single image with stylish shoes which have similar design. Rhinestones mounted on a special adhesive and pressed to the cloth, beads sewn.

    Of course, it’s not all the possible ways to give new life to old jeans, but other techniques you can come up with on their own, based on the above. Hand-made is always held in high esteem, especially when he seeks to emphasize your personality that stands out from the rest.

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