In order nails always looked great must never forget about them. It should be remembered that it is easier to maintain manicure in good condition, than to restore running nails.
Как сделать идеальный маникюр?2
Ideally, of course, to ask for help from professionals. You can go to the salon and find a good Materials for nail extension with which the wizard will offer You unique beautiful manicures. However, you can shape the nails and at home using ordinary files, and to refuse extension. In this case, manicure will look more natural.

Manicure should be done at least 2-3 times a week. Thus it is necessary to look not only nails and skin of the hands. That is why manicure should start to do with baths for arms. you can go to the salon and make paraffin bath, and you can organize baths for hands and at home. This will need to pour a little water in a small bowl, add a teaspoon of sea salt, floor spoon soda for detoxication, a little liquid soap and drop products containing salicilovu acid. The latter is usually included in most gel for washing.

Keep your hands in the bath takes about 15-20 minutes. Then hands it should be rinsed and apply moisturizer. This bath helps to make the skin soft and will help you easily and quickly remove the cuticle.
Как сделать идеальный маникюр?
After that it is necessary to begin shaping your nails. The final stage is the lacquer. It is better to give preference to high-quality, expensive lucky. Because it is the quality of the lacquer, the health and consequently the beauty of nails. For manicure was more durable can be applied over varnish special hardener. So marigold much longer will have a perfect view.

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