With the onset of summer time it is especially important to give full attention to the condition of nails. thus it is necessary to take care not only about their mother’s arms, and legs. In summer all girls her pretty bare feet, wearing open shoes and so the nails should be just perfect.
Как сделать идеальный маникюр и педикюр?
Beautiful summer womens clothing implies bright colors, which should be combined with colour of manicure and pedicure. Regarding the latter, it is mainly the tint adjusts the color of sandals. Manicure can be any color. Lovers of classical music can choose the color lacquer service, and those women who like to attract attention can contrary to favour contrasting combinations. For example, to paint your nails black lacquer and to wear bright or even white dress. So the attention of all others will be attracted to fine handles fashionista.

In order to bring their feet and pens in perfect condition it is better to visit the beauty and make hardware pedicure, and not to indulge in a paraffin bath for hands. To make the procedure better once a month. The house also needs regular polishing the heels of a special brush.

If you go to the salon is not possible, then you can make myself at home. For this purpose it is necessary to make a special foot. In warm, but not hot water has to be put about 100, sea salt, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, pour some liquid soap and add about a tablespoon of any products containing salicilovu acid. The latter is often contained in means for washing, particularly those aimed at removing blackheads and deep pore cleansing.
Как сделать идеальный маникюр и педикюр?1
Legs must be kept in a bath for about 20 minutes and then have to clean up their rough pumice. Then hold it in the water is 5-10 minutes and carefully brushed for polishing your heels. Then the feet must be rinsed with cold water, wipe and cause fatty cream.

As for the hand, he may well suited salt baths. They will make the skin softer and well-groomed. So do not forget to give your nails a neat shape and apply beautiful lacquer.

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