как сделать кожу лица идеальнойThey say that there are no ideals and the pursuit of them is a waste of time and effort, and in the end is sure to be disappointed. But not in the case of condition of the skin that may look perfect, if it has to make every effort not to be lazy and a daily struggle for her beauty. How to make skin perfect? For this you will need to follow a few simple rules, which include, first of all, care about the health of the skin from the inside, and secondly, on the outside.


The unchanging basis on the way to the ideal

On the modern market of cosmetics is not observed deficit of funds that satisfy absolutely any needs of any skin type. Some tools have a pronounced purposeful action, decisive certain problem, in other combines several functions. Throughout a woman’s life are looking for a cosmetic, and is often mistaken in the choice.

This is because they, literally, completely in the dark – don’t know what the needs of the skin type and at this age stage which cream is perfect for winter and for summer, what is different for skin use creams with natural plant extracts and synthetic components. Everything is relative and when multiple samples, but in order to shorten the path to perfect skin, we must move in the direction of long established cosmetologists as the base. Change the formula, appear brand new, but the skin needs remain the same, and they all can be satisfied with very specific tools and procedures.


Cleanser (to remove dirt and sebum)

For beautiful skin is important to its regular cleansing that must take place in the morning after awakening and in the evening along with the make-up remover. Find the means necessary texture – mousse for thin, sensitive skin, cream, gel or lotion – for dry and dehydrated gel for oily and combination. Cleansers can be composed of fruit acid or salicylic acid for gentle exfoliation by dissolving dead skin particles.


Lotion toner (matting and freshness)

The use of tonic after cleansing optional, but recommended for owners of oily and problematic skin. Earlier in monikah contained mostly refreshing components, antiseptic additives, binders ingredients, tightening pores and mattifying the skin. Now the owner of a dry or Mature skin with wrinkles can purchase a tonic specially for themselves – vitaminizing, antioxidant protection, slightly lifting, table lights.


Peeling and exfoliation

Many believe these terms are equivalent, but it is not so. Under the peeling means the purification of the upper layer, in the literal sense, the removal of the stratum corneum, the removal of dead skin particles that are mixed with sebum, roll down, blocking the skin breath, clogging the pores. Exfoliation is the process of cleaning pores, eliminate blackheads, often mechanical, sometimes by chemical (dissolving acids).

Peeling and exfoliation is the most important steps in skin care, without which it is unlikely to be perfect. Deep peels can be done in a beauty parlor, and once a week to do a home facial using abrasive scrubs with fine particles, acid and clay masks, which can be easily found in stores.

After peeling and exfoliation of the skin, you must moisturize, neutralizing the possible irritation of the exposed layer. After lung home peels, it is desirable to narrow the pores and tonic.


Hydration as the basis of beauty

Moisturizing skin needs daily, and exceptions to this rule do not exist. Hydration is a basic need of the skin, and without proper and regular hydration of the skin will be dry, tocknell, to grow old, become flabby and atonic. For dry skin produces deeply moisturizing creams and serums or funds that are combined with moisturizing and nourishing properties which are suitable for the cold season. For oily and problem skin, you need to find specialized creams from medical and professional lines, mainly in the form of an emulsion or a cream-gel without fatty basis. Mature skin needs a cream with moisturizing and firming properties, improves the firmness and elasticity of the skin, smooths wrinkles.


Building protection

Protect the skin you want from ultraviolet rays, temperature extremes and corrosive environment, for example, negative environment, polluted air, dust in the air, searing wind.

The formation of SPF protection is now the same basic need of the skin, so more and more creams include in the formula components, not leveling the destructive influence of ultraviolet rays. The lowest is 15, will be needed in the winter, then the figure should be increased to 30 and above.

Barrier creams are often the brand is produced in the winter lines. These creams for a comfortable stay on the street at low temperatures, and precipitation. Protective creams contain moisturizers, oils, waxes, glycerin, panthenol, silicones, and other ingredients that build the physical protection of the skin from aggressive influence of low temperature.


Fortification skin

Leather, full of youth, always attracts admiring glances. She has a natural healthy silky Shine, and you look like after a walk in the fresh air. To transform the skin, erasing the signs of dullness, fatigue, lack of sleep, buy a cream or natural botanicals to revitalize and complexion, or multivitamin cream with extracts of berries and fruits. These creams rich in antioxidants, they even out the skin tone, making a face radiant with regular use the skin becomes lighter and evenly colored, normalizes its turgor, and the night becomes her constant companion.

To keep the skin in perfect condition, you will need to carefully monitor their lifestyle, diet and habits. Give up Smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, fill your diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, berries. Drink plenty of water, walk in the fresh air and do not forget from time to time to visit the beautician, who once and for a few months will make another push to the beauty and perfection for your skin.

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