For make-up artists eyes are considered to be one of the main accents in the image of the woman, and they know how to correctly and beautifully emphasize all the advantages, as well as to do sight of the mysterious and expressive.

The article will focus not only on how to choose a make-up, taking into account characteristics of appearance, and some secrets harmonious image. By the way, for its creation in special shops of cosmetics can palette of shades to buy.

Daily care
Как сделать правильный макияж глаз3
As if women did not attempt to disguise circles and bags under the eyes using tonal resources, and they still make themselves felt. Because, first of all, experts recommend not to neglect the daily care and work on the weaknesses.

You should find several tools that will not only solve specific problems, but also to provide a nourishing and moisturizing effect. And, as you know, the skin under the eyes is very thin and delicate and requires delicate and system maintenance.

You also need to remember the evening make-up remover. Remove your makeup better with the help of special cosmetic products, such as milk or lotion. This will provide cleansing of the skin around the eyes, and, therefore, on the morning she will be more fresh.

Make-up for every day

Everyday way should be different natural and softness. Eye makeup also should be applied in accordance with these criteria. This is best to use a matte color of various tints.

Add depth look will help smooth transitions from one color to another, and thin arrows at the base of the eyelashes rolling century.

Taking into account individual peculiarities

Not all women are by nature with expressive eyes, but it is not a problem: you can add the inner corner of the eye, the light, shimmering shadows and this will create a visual effect of big beautiful eyes.

Drooping corners of the eyelids also bring a lot of troubles demanding their appearance women. Competent eye make-up will also help to solve this question it is necessary to move the arrow on a moving century in Oriental style and look immediately become happier.
Как сделать правильный макияж глаз
But the shooter is to abandon those who have overhanging upper eyelid. Because this technique will look around on the lack of elasticity of the skin of the eye.

Play with the arrow keys (especially in the lower part of the eye) is not necessary for those who have little or too narrow eyes, which thus can seem even less.

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