как сделать форму бровейEvery woman should know how to make the shape of the eyebrows by yourself without any professional assistance. If you are able to define what form, shape, degree of density and tint eyebrows suit you, you will be able to do any makeup, varying from neutral natural to the image of the femme fatale evening in the style of Smokey known today. The shape of the eyebrows can find many women are difficult because of the natural bushiness and formlessness eyebrows. In this case, you should start from the shape of the face, weight, facial features, which may need correction or underline in a special way.


The length and width of the eyebrows – main features

Length Brownell arc and its width is the defining characteristics of its harmony, beauty, and match the type of the face and its features. No need to guess, defining fit you like a thin eyebrow, or better to leave it thick and bushy, whatever your natural data, the new shape of the eyebrows shouldn’t it be discordant.

If you ignore plucking excess hair that violate the smooth outline Brownell arc, eyebrows will look sloppy, and make-up situation will only worsen.

If you strongly plucked eyebrow, reducing its thickness two times, it will also be evident, because already after a short time the hair will start to grow again, and your flawless thin thread eyebrows will end overgrown with small bushes”. The width of the brow should be adjusted mainly by its tip, pulling excess hair on it and scrubbing of the vegetation area stationary century.

Length Brownell arc visually affects the perception of the face and oval. You cannot do eyebrows too short, breaking the tip, if you have a pear-shaped face, not much to pluck them from the nose, if your eyes are set wide apart.


Rule pencil

Schematically to determine the length of browney arc and place it break easily. You need to take the pencil and put it perpendicular, placing one end of the wing of the nose, noting the point of contact of the other of the tip with the beginning of the eyebrow. Visibility eyebrows at the bridge of the nose gently, removing all excess hair in the middle, preventing the effect of eyebrows, but not rounded where it began, leaving the rectangular base. To pluck the hairs at the base of the eyebrows need, holding the tongs vertically.

Next, move the tip from the base to the end of the eyebrow line to the temple. The pencil line should intersect the outer corner of the eye, and above it is a point that will be the end point of the eyebrows.


The salient point

Many people break eyebrows visible and well defined and without correction, you only need to emphasize it when plucking. The other eyebrow has a smooth rounded shape, almost completely symmetrical. In this case, it’s not possible to form any of a break, because the person will lose the loveliness and will become more aggressive. In some cases, eyebrows thick and shapeless, that creative types only on hand – they can change the break eyebrows and make them form such as they want.

To start you need from the shape of the face. If your face is oval, round, symmetrical, without globalista and striking cheekbones, the shape of the eyebrows can focus closer to the middle. With wide cheekbones it is necessary to displace the fracture eyebrow to the outer side of the face to visually do not create a visibility narrow low forehead.


The width and density

Thin neat eyebrows can look amazing on one face, and highlight all the flaws of the other. Thin eyebrows over the entire length, you can wear those women whose face is quite thin, not so important, narrow or wide.

The women whose eyes are small and/or deep-set, avoid thick eyebrows that are very much in fashion now. Wide and long eyebrows, almost homogeneous over the entire width, suitable for girls with wide faces and large almond-shaped eyes.

Not visibilite eyebrows too hard, if your eyelids are prone to swelling or you have beautiful big eyes. They need a decent design, and what will be more expressive eyebrows, the less noticeable swelling.


Face shape is the most important factor

From the shape of the face need to push off last but not least, when choosing the form of the eyebrows. The rules are very simple – the policy of harmonizing and mitigation features. For the oval face is moderately rounded eyebrows, for a long almost straight, without significant bending and breaking, for a square or angular, with a strong chin with a soft curve, for round – long with expressive fracture.

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