как уменьшить поры на лицеEnlarged pores on the face can be due to the apparent hereditary factor, and then fight with them will be difficult. Also to expand the pores can and under the influence of permanent cosmetic procedures that are performed at home without compliance with safety measures and constant stretching of the pores. How to shrink pores on the face, if they look unsightly and difficult to disguise means of decorative cosmetics? For this you will need some serious cosmetic work, and most likely it will continue regularly and life.


Work on the bugs

как уменьшить поры на лицеIf you suffer from enlarged pores, you need to abandon some of the procedures and techniques that you may have used in the past.

First, you should abandon the steaming of the face, which anticipates many of the procedures for cleaning pores. High temperature opens the pores even more. Over time, the skin loses its elasticity, and then harder and harder to return to its original position, so as steaming and washing with hot water forget.

Home mechanical peeling with abrasive particles. These scrubs are easy to use and effective, but they cleanse the pores due to the fact that their particles penetrate into them and stretch them physically. As a replacement for mechanical peeling is chemical peeling as a more deep and superficial that you can make at home using cosmetic exfoliants or mask with fruit or salicylic acid. From home remedies as the basis for masks for gentle exfoliation perfect oatmeal.

Some cosmetic procedures at enlarged pores can also be contraindicated. Among them – vacuum cleaning of the face, which, though designed to effectively cleanse the pores, can stretch them. Fortunately, vacuum peeling in a beauty parlor there will always be a worthy replacement.

If you visit a beautician to correct age-related changes in skin or hair removal, refuse techniques with the use of high temperatures and flashes of pulsed light, such as IPL, laser peel, the lifting.


Toning after cleansing

как уменьшить поры на лицеApply toner after cleansing in the morning and in the evening will make your skin matte and some time to narrow pores. Tonics for tightening pores contain fruit or salicylic acid, zinc, fruit extracts and plants which have astringent properties. A toner to tighten pores should not contain alcohol, which irritates the skin and causes increased excretion of fat as a protective reaction.

For toning in the morning, you can also wipe your face with ice cubes, even better if you freeze water with lemon juice, iced green tea, cucumber water or herbal decoction.

If you have enlarged pores, remember that washing with hot water should be abandoned altogether, and any washing in the morning and in the evening to finish by rinsing with cool water, which constricts vessels and pores, removing redness.


Traditional recipes pores reduction

как уменьшить поры на лицеFor pores reduction using traditional recipes need to consider several options. The first mask film and clay masks, which are the safe way, with no contraindications. The mask film home cooking can be a protein or gelatin. The gelatin powder dissolved in milk until smooth, medium-thick consistency. Then mix it a little to stand before swelling, after which the mask can be applied on the face. After complete drying, the mask is removed, leaving a smooth beautiful clear skin with noticeably narrowed pores. A simpler way is to use egg whites, which can only be separated from the yolk and apply on the skin in its pure form. It is better to use cold egg and apply to the skin a cosmetic brush for uniformity, keeping the mask on the face in the supine position. Remove the mask after solidification. Protein “seizes” on the face, dries and tightens enlarged pores.

To reduce pores on the face can regularly apply lotions and wiping decoctions and infusions of herbs with astringent properties that perfectly tighten pores and improve the skin, evens out skin color, & mattes out, normalizing the activity of the sebaceous glands. For these purposes, will fit the following plants: wild rose, hawthorn, celandine, oak, geranium, cloves, cranberries, Goji berries, cornflower, Heather, Potentilla, cinquefoil, horse chestnut, elecampane, sorrel, sage.

To reduce the pores on your face with dense healthy skin prone to Shine, you can apply masks and compresses the content of pure or diluted juice or pulp of fruits and berries. They contain natural acids and help to remove fat and wrapped with a wide pores. For these purposes, a suitable pulp, juice and rind of citrus fruits, and berries like black currant, raspberry, strawberry, and others who do not have strong pigments, such as blueberries or black ash, which stained skin.

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