Opening nail salon can be a very profitable business, as competition in this business is great. To start this business you need to have a starting capital and an idea of how it all works.

In the luxury saloon in addition to nail service to open a mini – bar, in order for clients to relax from daily vanity. Equipment for bars can be purchased over the Internet.
Открытие маникюрного салона – как бизнес
The premises can be bought in the property market or use the most practical option is to rent it. The room should be bright and spacious. The good location of the salon will be the center of the city or the presence of numerous boutiques, shops and shopping centers. Then there will be a great chance to promote beauty in the shortest time, because the units women can get past the nail salon, even not looking there.

The next step is to permit the opening of the salon from the regulatory authorities.

In order beauty looked respectable, you need to make the appropriate repairs.

The most important stage of opening of the salon, is the procurement of special equipment. It must be of high quality and fit the interior of the cabin. The equipment consists of a manicure table, UV system, hardware machines, sterilizer tools. This includes consumables: lucky different shades, acryl, gel, nail tips, nail files, brushes, palettes, creams, etc.
Открытие маникюрного салона – как бизнес 2
Recruitment can take place for several options. This may be placing advertisement through the Internet, newspaper, TV. But the best way is to use the recommendations of their friends. The best masters immediately transferred part of their clients in a new beauty.
Besides all that, the cabin can be paid master classes, different classes of nails, manicure. That also brings in more money.

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