In recent years, fewer wedding suit in the winter, but in may and September, there is no rebound from candidates. However, celebrate wedding in winter not only nice, but also useful.
Как организовать незабываемую свадьбу зимой
In winter a lot of discounts and no queues, for example, some wedding dresses Kiev spend new year promotions. Planning jewelry can be assumed that look fine decoration with tinsel, fir branches, tangerines and other winter attributes. The color scheme can be very different – in pastel colors or Vice versa bright, with a gold or silver base color. If the wedding before the New year, or a little later, then you can beat the Christmas theme and select red, green and gold colors.

Every bride wants to be in a fairy tale, what’s the Princess without the perfect dress? Choosing clothes should pay particular attention to a Cape, a coat or Chalet. It can be as traditionally white and bright color to emphasize white dress from the snow. If in the Banquet hall is warm enough, you can not find a dress with long sleeves and go on about their desires, insulate hands to help long gloves above the elbow, which can also be bright, if you choose this bright bouquet. Very gracefully will look if the length sleeveless coat will½.
The main rule when choosing a Banquet hall in the winter – cosiness and warmth. If the cold atmosphere, and this applies not only temperatures, but also the design of the hall, the guests will struggle to relax and warm up. This same rule applies to the menu, it shall contain a range of hot and strong drinks, great idea to serve mulled wine at the bar. Fireplace in the hall will be a big plus, but if not, then you can place a large number of candles.

What girl doesn’t dream about a Prince on a white horse? In winter you can arrange a fabulous entertainment and ride on a sled with a snow-white Troika horses.
Как организовать незабываемую свадьбу зимой3
Winter creates a special feeling of the holiday, and the atmosphere is really fabulous. Wedding in the winter time is not only pleasant, but also very beautiful pictures.

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