как красиво накрасить глаза карандашомOne stroke of the pencil can change the image beyond recognition. With its help opinion becomes expressive, alluring, cat, sexual, or just beautiful and deep – everything depends on the applied technique, color pencil, the presence or absence of shadows on the eyelids. In the cosmetic market today, there is great variety of liquid liners, and, in spite of this, many women prefer to use a pencil. To him more familiar hand, makeup natural, but newbies still wonder: how beautifully put make-up eye pencil?

To makeup was natural (and this is possible even if it is bright and saturated), you need to choose the colour and texture of a pencil. By the type of the degrees of softness or hardness depends on what line you can spend, and how long it will stay.

If you dry skin, choose soft mechanical pencils. Also they are recommended for beginners who have not yet Packed full of hand. The line, which they leave, it is usually fairly confident, bold, pencil does not require a strong pressed, draws easily as on the clean skin, in the form of shadows.

When oily skin one should give preference to the usual wooden or plastic карандашам eye with more rigid and dry pen. But be careful to make sure that it is moderately hard, and that you are not пораните mucous century or cornea of the eye. Oily skin requires pretreatment of compact powder. Close your eyes and gently blot the eyelids sponge with a small amount of powder – pencil on such a basis will be better to stay.

Before buying check the resistance of pencil on the back of the hand. Draw a line, not strongly pressing the stylus and after a few seconds lightly wipe the place in one motion. If a pencil line disappeared completely or heavily smeared – think will look like makeup on your face. If stylus hard and leaves a clear line. Only the strong pressure, such pencil is also not worth taking, find one that draws easier.


Smoky make-up pencil

With the help of one of the pencil, you can try to create an elegant smoky make-up. It should be moderately soft, but not bold. Cover eyelids bright shadows, with a matte or with mother-of-pearl glow, white or light beige. Carefully label the pencil, two-thirds or one-third of the outer corner. Enter the line as close as possible to the lash line, trying to draw the distance between them. Take a cotton swab and blend the line. To top-century receive a beautiful smoke-colored arrow, you can use the crumbly shadows or a powder, a line with a pencil lead slightly above the lash. Inner corner of the eye you can set off the pearl pencil or light-brown shades.

If you have a pencil, water-resistant, and you do not suffer from allergic reactions and tearfulness, line can be drawn on the mucous membrane of the whole lower century. It will look sexy and expressive. To save this effect as long as possible, you can walk with shadows applicator darker shade.


Natural expressive glance

Apply eye pencil you can, therefore, that no one will notice, but against expressive glance no one can stand. This technique is simple, but it requires patience. For her don’t even need to dyeing eye shadows one pencil may be enough.

Apply for ever transparent powder. Secure the arm with his elbow on a support, verify that you have enough lighting. Widely open eyes, put pencil in the external area from the inner side of the lash line. Start a line short strokes, moving toward the inner corner, but before reaching it. The line should not be noticeable to the naked eye – evident will only effect that it produces. If necessary, pencil, you can feather the cotton swab, eliminating all his visits on the upper eyelid, trying to he merged with eyelashes. The lower eyelid can be no stress.


Classic arrow

The arrows in fashion so long ago that for many girls, it is not difficult to draw them as eyeliner, and a pencil. Eyeliner is designed for experienced and pencil will help create dramatic arrow новикам in the art of makeup. Cover the upper eyelid powder, slightly pull the outer area, put the pencil to the point where the eyes visible eyelashes (often in the inner corner you can’t see them and ink they do not stain). Slowly move the line as close as possible to the eyelashes, ending it after half a centimeter natural contour, slightly lifting her up. For drawing a spectacular arrows may need training. Better perform their soft pencil, which is well across the skin’s surface.

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