как покрасить брови в домашних условияхBeautiful, clear, moderately wide and thick dark eyebrows is the essential component of women’s fashion image. And if natural eyebrows are slightly different from this ideal, then why not fix small flaws appearance? Having an idea how to paint eyebrows at home, can easily give the face expression, without spending a lot of money.


Long story

Interesting to see how changing the attitude to this part of female beauty, as eyebrows, over time. In a different era of fashion that was completely shaved off my eyebrows, plucked them, then drew in their place new ones. Change the eyebrows-the threads came wide eyebrows, Flirty arched eyebrows gave way to straight, and then became fashionable fatal fracture. And each time the shape of the eyebrows and width affect the perception of the image as a whole.

This tendency is preserved today. Thin, plucked eyebrows in the twenty-first century look old-fashioned. Today, the ball is ruled by eyebrows are dark, thick, wide and clear, almost straight shape, with a small fracture. This feature gives the image relevance, highlighting simultaneously the individual characteristics appearance.

Certainly, the shape of the eyebrows can not go to all without exception. But modern fashion is democratic enough, let the eyebrows are not straight, but curved, if only they were quite dark and noticeable. So there is no need to radically change the shape of the eyebrows, but be sure to pay attention to care is to brush them, put, and, if necessary, and paint the house.

How best to paint eyebrows, depends on what result you want to achieve. If you want to see rare eyebrows seem thicker, come to the aid of the usual cosmetic pencil or for those who dream about sustainable result – tattooing. If the problem is that the hairs of the eyebrows are too light shade, the only way to touch up. And the easiest way to use resistant paint, which will allow you not to think about the eyebrows for a long time.


The choice of paint

Eyebrows begins with the selection of paint. We should abandon the idea to use hair dye remaining after painting the head or bought. Such dyes are not suitable for eyebrows, they can cause allergic reactions and damage the roots of hairs.

So you need to buy a paint that is designed specifically for eyebrows and eyelashes. Such dyes are in the form of powders, which are diluted with water or gels. The gels are more convenient to use as well stick to the hairs and not drain them.

Of great importance is the choice of colour. Do not immediately grab for coal-black dyes – they are only hot brunettes Oriental type, that is, women who can’t complain too light eyebrows.

It is believed that the eyebrows should be a couple shades darker than the hair color. The owners of cold type looks better to choose cool shades, and girls “warm” types, respectively, warm. Red hair is better not to experiment with red and terracotta tones, which often give the face an unhealthy appearance. Brown shades will look great in combination with red and copper hair much more harmonious.


What you will need for painting

In addition to paints for coloring eyebrows will also need:

  • Vaseline or oily cream;
  • Cotton pads or tampons;
  • Brush or brush for applying paint;
  • A cotton swab to correct the result.

Before eyebrows need to test on individual skin reaction to the dye. Many ignore such a sample when painting hair, but if the irritation from the use of paint will arise on the face, all efforts to improve the appearance will be useless. Test is simple: manufacturers usually describe it in the instructions. In most cases, a relatively small portion of paint applied to the skin behind the ear or on the inner side of the elbow, and if after 15 minutes the skin will not appear redness or swelling, then you can safely move on to the eyebrow.


The procedure for staining

First of all, you need to read the instructions to the paint, where you specify a particular means, the period of its validity and its rules of application. Depending on the manufacturer and the composition of the paints some of the nuances of the use of the dye may vary. But the General rules remain the same:

  • First of all, you need to clean the face. The area around the eyebrows liberally smeared with petroleum jelly or a thick cream. This is necessary in order not to accidentally paint the skin on the eyelids or forehead;
  • Now it is necessary to prepare a paint, as recommended in the instructions. Some of the paint is ready for use, while others must be mixed in certain proportions with water or hydrogen peroxide. To violate the manufacturer’s recommended proportions should not – this can lead to unpredictable consequences;
  • When the mixture is ready, you need to brush brows with a special brush (old toothbrush), and then apply them liberally paint. It is very important thoroughly to coat each hair, otherwise mediocrities hair will stand out sharply against the background changed color of the eyebrows;
  • If paint gets on the skin outside of the eyebrows, you should remove it with a cotton swab;
  • After the time of coloring paint is removed using cotton pads or tampons. After this, the person should wash with a delicate cleanser to remove paint residues from the skin;
  • Even the most gentle staining violates the structure of the hair, so after painting for eyebrows needs special care. Preferably a couple of times a week to lubricate the hairs castor or burdock oil, and also use a special gel for eyebrows with vitamins.

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