как красить брови тенямиTo make your eyebrows beautiful and expressive is easy with the help of shadows. The question how to dye eyebrows shadows, particularly relevant for those who have natural eyebrows thick enough or dark enough. Unlike the classic shadow pencils for eyebrows enable you to achieve the most natural results, and do it very quickly.


Shadow for the eyebrows

For a long time women used for drawing the special eyebrow pencils. But that the traditional way is not always possible to get a fashionable natural look. Eyebrows look artificial, even if carefully to draw individual hairs.

In addition, because today in fashion thicker eyebrows, their effective pencil can be quite time-consuming. Much easier and faster to use special shades for the brows, which can easily fill the space between the hairs, making natural eyebrows are dark and thick.

From the usual shadows shadows for brows are distinguished primarily by their composition – they usually contain an increased amount of additives that provide shadow resistance. The skin around the eyes is very thin, delicate and dry, so the eyeshadows have a soft texture and often contain moisturizing additives. The skin in the eyebrow area more dense and oily, and therefore to the shadows for brows special requirements: they should not be smeared and change the hue.

In some cases, however, can be used for tinting eyebrows, and the usual eye shadow, choosing the dry varieties. Preferably in this case, after dyeing to fix the dye with a special gel or wax for eyebrows: so the shadows will not fall off and stored for a long time, and in addition, gel or wax will fix also the shape of the eyebrows.


The choice of eyeshadow for eyebrows

For members only will only fit matte shades natural shades. Cosmetics with glitter and pearl should be postponed. If you want to give the image a bit of Shine, it is better to use gel for eyebrows with shimmer, but glitter eye shadow will look unnatural and vulgar.

If the choice fell on a normal eyeshadow, it is best to choose dry compact varieties. On sale you can find a lot of shadows, designed specifically for coloring eyebrows: as a rule, they are sold in sets of several shades of shadows and wax to hold the shape and color of eyebrows. There are also special liquid eye shadow for brows that are applied like mascara on the hairs. These shadows have a high resistance and are particularly suitable for owners of dense, but light eyebrows. If the eyebrows are rare, it is better to use dry shadows that are good to stain the skin between the hairs.

Sometimes you can combine eyebrow pencil with shadows. This allows you to make the most sustainable and natural. Pencil and shade must match in color. Pencil first applied on eyebrow strokes that mimic individual hairs, and then lines are carefully shaded with shadows of the same color.


The right shade

Of great importance is the color of the eyebrows depends on how your face will look like in General. It is believed that eyebrows should be a little darker hair. Too contrasting unacceptable: bright blonde or red head with black eyebrows look very ugly. However, in the pursuit of naturalness should not use too light and matte shades that make your look dull and deprived of face expression.

Oddly enough, the most difficult to choose the right shade of eyeshadow for eyebrows girls with black hair. Too black eyebrows are not all brunettes, even a girl with blue-black hair look better if the eyebrows they have a tint of dark chocolate or graphite, and not bright white.

Blondes with Golden hair stands for drawing eyebrows use a light brown shades. If your hair is blonde girls are cool platinum tide, then maybe will look better than gray-beige or even gray shadows.

Redheads should abandon a red-brown shadow in the tone of the hair, much better suited to dense shades of brown and even reddish-brown color. Blonde and brown hair is just choose a shade slightly darker hair. If you find the right shade can’t – not a problem: you can mix several colors of pallets to achieve a suitable tone.

It’s undesirable to use for tinting eyebrows warm reddish and Golden-brown shades. These colors with all its attractiveness can make a person look sickly, eyebrows seem to be reddened and swollen.


How to paint eyebrows shadows

The eyebrow should begin after the person has already applied Foundation and powder. For the beginning of the eyebrow should be comb. This not only gives them form, but also allows you to remove impurities.

The next step is the correction of eyebrows. With tweezers remove hair, if any, need to be removed.

You can then proceed to painting as such. If necessary, need to fill in the missing hairs with finely sharpened eyebrow pencil. Then on the brush to apply a small amount of shadow, color-matching. The pencil lines carefully shaded, eyebrows evenly stained shadows.

The final step is to fix the shape of the eyebrows. Better to do it with a gel or wax. The gel is usually sold in packages with a spiral brush (like ink), which facilitates its application. The wax can be applied with a special brush or just your fingers. Only a small amount to his eyebrows retained its shape for a long time. Also the gel or wax to prevent falling or smudging of shadows, allowing you to keep makeup in its original form in the long term.

Dmitry Anokhin

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