to put eyes in just eight steps (or ten minutes)? And in our time, every minute counts. Therefore, it is always useful to learn how to make yourself beautiful as quickly as possible.

  • The complexity of the make-up: just
  • Time: ten minutes

How to do it:

  • Prepare eyes with the help of Foundation. It can be used to hide under-eye circles or bluish discoloration under the inner part of the eye. To hide the dark circles under the eyes, apply three points tonalita under each eye. Start from the inner edge of the eye, where the skin usually the dark, then under the pupil and the third at the outer margin. Apply the cream, patting, in no case, be careful not to RUB it with the ring finger (this finger, as a rule, the soft pad)until the cream will not disappear.
  • Apply eye shadow base for ever. The basis for the eyeshadow is the secret that makes your shadow will stay for several hours. If your eyeshadow will accumulate in the folds, you should buy a good basis for shadows. The Foundation will help to keep the shadows on the spot during exercise, heavy rain and even a night’s sleep.
  • Next eyeliner. You can use liquid eyeliner or eyes, but it is best to use dark eyeshadow as eyeliner. Moisten a corner brush, then type at her dark shadows. Move eyes as close to the top lashes from the inside to the outside. Make eyeliner the bottom of the eye, but only draw a line from the middle of the eye to the outer corner. Spread the bottom line using a cotton swab or finger. You do not need a clear line. For smokey eyes use the brush to spend a dark shadow along the top of the century. You do not need a clear line, instead do it “spread”.
  • Apply eyeshadow. It is best to apply them from century to the eyebrows. Let them mingle with each other. Start with bright colors, which almost corresponds to the color of the century. Apply a shadow on the lid down to the eyebrows. Then apply a medium color on the entire surface of the century. Next, add a darker color. Mix the colors very well.
  • Move eyes highlighter. This step is only for the inner part of the eye. If you apply a little of the most bright eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eye, the eye will be considerably lighter (it’s a secret makeup artists).
  • Select an eyebrow. Take the same bright eyeshadow and easily apply them to the superciliary arch, beginning from the middle eyebrows out. Blend well with your finger.
  • Rotate eyelashes. This will make even a long eyelashes even more magnificent. For added effect can be heated tool to curl lashes under the dryer for a couple of seconds. Feel it before applying to the eyelashes, otherwise you may burn yourself.
  • Mascara. Brush, apply several layers of mascara on top lashes, and then on the bottom. Your eye makeup is ready.

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