Now many already know about how to paint and care for the nails, but really why? It’s easier to go to the salon and to use the services of a manicurist. However, all the free time salons will not Shine and sooner or later their claws have to deal with at home. In here is useful and basic knowledge in this matter, which we examine below.
In the cabin the selection of manicure do, he will quickly pick up suited for you. At home it is better to use Japanese or hardware manicure. They are edging methods, and therefore the technology is easy, fast and secure.
Now you have to prepare your nails before applying nail Polish.
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If necessary, special nail file nails attached to the desired shape and length. Then need to wipe them with liquid nail Polish remover, degrease again. Next apply the so-called under a varnish base. She will serve as protection for the nails, besides it is composed of various useful minerals. Lacquer base to dry.

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So: the preparation is completed, the varnish is selected, you can now proceed to its application. The primary layer of varnish should be fine. It has to be applied as follows: the point of varnish is applied on the middle of the nail, then stretched over the entire length, and then along the edges. By doing so, the three bar we fully paint the nail. This should be done neatly and quickly so that the varnish did not have time to dry out. Wait until the varnish dries (about five minutes) and apply the second coat. Remind that the layers must be thin, otherwise the varnish will start to cleave. After drying, the second layer should be applied with a special binder.

There are still small details that are worth mentioning.

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You must understand that a good varnish is not cheap, but too expensive to buy is not worth it. About vending brand of varnish you can look online, read reviews or ask friends.

As a basis we can take the clearcoat, but it should not be abused, as the varnish does not contain useful minerals.
The varnish needs to dry himself. No need to heat the nail dryer or waving his arms.

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