Of course, comfort of each room provides lighting. Bright or soft, cold or warm, from one light source or with an illuminated – a matter of personal taste and choice of each family.

Selecting chandeliers for your interior, you should consider the required intensity of lighting. If this question is difficult, it would be reasonable to buy a chandelier with the ability to control power light, or with the presence of several modes of illumination. This is an important point, because in the dim room a man gets tired faster, subconsciously feeling anxiety and even fear. On the contrary, too bright, up to unnatural, lighting, harmful for eyesight and, in General, is very uncomfortable for the person.
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Among a huge variety of chandeliers are two basic type of construction – linear and circular. First have a common backbone, which are attached to one in a series of several shades, the length of these chandeliers can reach three meters. Ideal for narrow and long room – kitchen, bar area, in the corridor, because long line of light will reach the most amount of space. In General, the size of the premises is the main criterion of a choice of chandeliers.

Round the same chandeliers their great number of similar in one lamp, like berries or flowers, are attached to the same «stalk». Thus, the light travels from one point, forming the ambient lighting in the rooms. This type of chandelier appropriate if you want to highlight a certain area in a room, for example, work or a coffee table.

Choosing a chandelier, it’s useful to know about its basic structural elements of a housing, reflectors or reflector and lampshades, scattering the light from the lamp. Reflectors are not present in all models chandeliers, but due to its mirror surface, helping the light from spreading throughout the space of the room. In some models, the designers have provided a lack of lampshades. In this case the lamp is not covered and often has a decorative appearance of fire, drops, different the figured form.

In any case, the basic principle of the proper selection of the chandeliers – functional purpose of a room. For example, the hall is traditionally large room intended for the reception, the lighting here should be of sufficient capacity on average, 250 watts.
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Glow lamps preferably white, similar to daylight. Bedroom or nursery it is appropriate to highlight a small miniature chandelier lamps with red or green luminescence. The kitchen should be in addition to the main light source and additional options. It is noticed that the orange glow increases the appetite and stimulates blood circulation, and therefore very suitable for kitchen.

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