как выщипать бровиYou are too dense and poorly-defined eyebrows? The solution to your problem is quite simple – hair removal of the eyebrows. Currently in fashion eyebrows with a natural, harmonious line. How to pluck eyebrowsto match the fashion standards?


Preparation for plucking eyebrows

Good place to start is clean the skin, while plucking the pores can get dirt or bacteria, and then the appearance of two or three comedones or the acne can not be avoided. Additionally, you can make a steam bath which opens the pores and allows easy removal of hairs. There is nothing easier. Boil in a pan the water and add a few drops of essential oil of chamomile, cornflower. Tilt your head over the pot and cover up with a towel for five minutes. However, this step is optional.


The shape of the eyebrows

Before you start plucking, you need to determine the arch of the eyebrows, depending on face shape: round, long, wide or square. To do this, look in the mirror and visually draw a vertical line that connects the base of the nostrils, inner corner of the eye and eyebrow. This line will show you where to begin the eyebrow. Attach to the face of the pencil opposite the wing of the nose and along the back of the eye. All in favour of the pencil from the side of the nose should be plucked.

To determine where the eyebrow should end, draw an imaginary line from the corner of her mouth and through the outer corner of the eye. Everything that goes beyond this line, visivite. Don’t place between the eyebrows of more than 1.5 cm: the distance is too great can emphasize the width of your nose.

The density of the eyebrows is determined by their natural size and shape that you want to give them. It can vary, but the constant should be observed: the inner part of the eyebrows should be significantly wider than the rest of the eyebrow. Eyebrow line should represent a curve that ¾ must rise up and ¼ down.

There are different eyebrow shapes:

  • To form the cone, gently work the head of the eyebrow from the inner corner of the eye.
  • For a straight line of eyebrows will zakruglenie line down the center, leaving a thicker brow on the head and the outer tip, then lightly visivite hairs in the upper part of these tips.
  • In rare avoid eyebrows too thin their lines.
  • Eyebrow in the form of a house, slightly visibile hairs below eyebrows turned rounded in the middle.


The procedure for plucking

It is best to tweeze after a shower: the pores are enlarged from the heat, and the hair is removed much easier. You must gently pull the skin with your fingers and tweeze hairs in the direction of growth sharp and precise movements. Hair need to capture as close to the roots, so it did not break.

To keep the symmetry between the eyebrows, remove a few hairs left, and then a few hairs to the right. Avoid waxing the upper part of the eyebrow. Much more harmoniously and naturally to tweeze from the bottom. Don’t forget to pluck hairs between the brows.

To narrow the pores, go over the eyebrows with ice. After waxing do not forget to apply a moisturizer.


Important advice and tips

  • When plucking eyebrows is not too close to the mirror, you will not be able to evenly pluck my eyebrows, and they will differ from each other.
  • Depilation must be carried out at daylight.
  • Never use this part of the body of the razor. Ideal forceps or tweezers for the eyebrows. You can also use warm wax.
  • Hair removal with string is effective, but long method of plucking eyebrows. In this case it is better to consult a specialist.
  • After wax comb, eyebrow brush to restore the hairs in place. If necessary, you can perform light correction. Remember that at the time of plucking of the eyebrows, the skin becomes red, so it’s better to do the day before or a few hours before leaving the house.
  • If you instead single hair are captured and removed from few, do not worry. You can discuss these gaps with the help of special pencil in the tone of your eyebrows.

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