No doubt, with the first September of your child’s life will take a new turn, it will enter a new era of its development. No wonder they say that between the development of the child to the school and the school lies the deepest abyss, so take your time to overcome it in one fell swoop, still will not work.

You will need enormous patience, because you don’t want your miracle one day said to you about the reluctance to go to school?

First, you should understand that your child is school, and then to convey the concept to your baby. First of all, school is the mode of the day, in order to integrate your child will need to try very well, especially if he did not attend kindergarten.

Most likely, it will be difficult to Wake up in the morning. So if your child went to this quite late, and got up only to ten, you will need in advance to prepare for such changes.

You should do this for him, especially if you don’t want to begin to spoil the child’s health already at an early age. The next factor will be the acquisition of new facilities, such as portfolio, pencil box and other things.

Kids usually spend about a month or two to adapt to this kind of facilities. The first weeks your baby will take to get used to the new team, so it is very important that your child has already attended kindergarten. You must remind your child that when he goes to first grade he there will be new friends and acquaintances, they will have common interests, in the end, the first love of many seems to be in high school.

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