Undoubtedly, every woman wants her hands and nails look perfect always – regardless of the situation and time of year. Neat, well-groomed and beautiful nails significantly increase self-esteem and instill the necessary confidence. So many of the fair half of mankind often thinking about how to make a beautiful appearance of the nails could be stored for a longer period.
Как сохранить красоту ногтей в течении длительного времени?3
Until recently, the most common ways of giving beauty nails were traditional varnish, nail art and gel and acrylic extensions. But the beauty does not stop there! So start to receive the new options, which are gaining more and more fans. Very actual in our days is a long floor nail – method, which combines the main advantages and advantages above salon procedures.

The permanent coating of nail manicure using special tool today, which is called “gel Polish”, or “shellac”. Outwardly, this tool is virtually no different from the usual nail Polish – it is represented in exactly the same miniature bottles with a convenient brush for applying. Colors gel-Polish, as a rule, includes the most popular classic and more exotic shades. This is, perhaps, the similarity with the usual lacquer finishes. After covering nail this tool, it is dried using a special ultraviolet lamp is fully cured in just few seconds.
Как сохранить красоту ногтей в течении длительного времени?2

Nail special gel lacquer has a lot of advantages and benefits:

  • Create a perfectly smooth and elastic surface of the nail;
  • Ideal aesthetic appearance – accuracy, rich color and luster;
  • Compatibility with acrylic paints for printing patterns;
  • Absolute hypoallergenic and safe for health;
  • Resistance to three weeks.

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