According to statistics, second, after a person, a place that often pay attention when learning is hands. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain a presentable appearance of the nails. This will help to observe a number of simple rules.
Как сохранить здоровье ногтей?2
By the way, good sports nutrition is suitable not only to increase body mass. Such a diet may be an affordable source of vitamins and fatty acids that positively affect the condition of hair and nails. Benefit to buy sports nutrition in Moscow does not make special work.

In addition to high-quality sport. power will be useful to diversify the natural food. A greater amount of fruit, vegetables and seafood will provide the body with required minerals.
Как сохранить здоровье ногтей?
You should care about protecting the nails from mechanical impact. When working with detergents, abrasive substances, you must use gloves. It will significantly extend the healthy and natural looking skin and nails.

When removing varnish, you should not use cheap products containing acetone, which weakens the nail plate and leads to cracks. Acetone can also be found in cheap nail Polish.

Beneficial effect on the condition of the nails sea water and lemon juice. Regular adoption baths of them will significantly strengthen the surface of your nails and give them the effect of whiteness. In the future you can use protective nail Polish.
Как сохранить здоровье ногтей?
A relation requires a variety of defects and diseases of the nails by a fungus. The deterioration in the quality of hair and nails can also be a symptom of several diseases. In such cases, preventive means have been ineffective, and you need to see a specialist.

The implementation of the above recommendations will ensure nails are beautiful, healthy and long life without cracks.

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