Peeling nails – very unpleasant cosmetic defect. It is especially critical for women who are worried about the aesthetics of the hands. There are several reasons why the nails are stratified. This article talks in detail about them.

Handy kitchen helper is a samovar. Through it you can prepare tea, a truly fascinating for their flavor and aromatic properties.
Что делать, если слоятся ногти2
Service kitchen appliances – a common cause of splitting nails. Chemical substances included in the composition of detergents that disrupt the structure of keratin. And it was made of human nails. Therefore, it is desirable to use thin rubber gloves, prevents the penetration of moisture to the hands.

Nails can delaminate due to improper diet. The diet must contain calcium, because it can strengthen the nail plate. In its pure form, calcium is not absorbed well, resulting in the need to select appropriate products. The main sources of this element – sausage and cheese products.
Что делать, если слоятся ногти3
Women with extended nails can’t even imagine what danger they may face. With self-removal of artificial layers are likely to damage the nail plate and even fungus infection. It is best to trust an experienced manicurist who efficiently carry out these processes.
Как спасти слоящиеся ногти рук2
Treatment of nail exfoliation is carried out with the help of trays. Particularly common is the healing bath with celandine. You need to brew two tablespoons of chopped herbs liter jar. After cooling, the infusion should be dissolved 10 g of sea salt. Used baby bath for ten minutes, then hand it is recommended to wipe dry and use the cream.

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