как правильно и красиво выщипать бровиThe eyes are the mirror of the soul, but the makeup artists have an opinion. Challenge classics nobody is in a hurry, but it is a significant addition. Then, as perceived by the eyes and entire face, and thus our image as a whole, depends on the eyebrows to a great extent. Some eyebrows create the image of a good man, others may mistakenly give an idea about him as aggressive and cunning. Therefore, in order to create an impression of yourself as a person not just a kindly, but watching other people looking for the answer to the question – how and nicely plucked eyebrows.


Error prevention

как правильно и красиво выщипать бровиThe concept of beauty has always been viewed as conditional. In this case it’s most likely not about beauty per se, but about harmony features that should form in person perception whose eyebrows play a crucial role. Eyebrows must fully comply with the person, their color should blend in with the natural color type, form and amount of bending must be combined with face shape and other features of its features.

For girls who are just beginning to know her face, making the first steps in the care and correction of deficiencies, you may think that all of this is incredibly difficult, and to make mistakes in the early stages. This is natural and, unfortunately, happens often – very few women did not commit error in adolescence, plucking your eyebrows in a barely visible thread or blackening light eyebrows resin fatty pencils. Learn from our mistakes, and it is best to learn not to do them, over and over again learning the principles of harmony of individual style.


The shape of the eyebrows and face

как правильно и красиво выщипать бровиTo know exactly in which direction to move when plucking eyebrows, it is necessary to depart from the shape of the face. Eyebrows should not just fit into it, but visually smooth out some of its features. But everything needs balance, so we should not give the eyebrows a beautiful shape to act to the contrary: a round face with wide open reindeer eyes trying to make more fashionable sharp eyebrows braslet and angular face on the contrary, trying to “appease” the perfect arched eyebrows. Any excess is evident. Your eyebrows should not throw your painstaking effort.

Eyebrows, while in the upper area of the face should take up the challenge to balance it if necessary with the bottom part. If the forehead is narrower than the jaw, it is impossible to pluck eyebrows strongly, especially to shorten them. With her chubby cheeks that give the face a childishness, not worth doing eyebrows very narrow, because the volume of the lower part of the face will then be evident.

If the person in the lower part angular, that is, there is a sharp upturned chin and square jaw (type Jennifer garner or Hilary Swank), it is necessary to abandon a very sharp eyebrows, especially, is very wide. They will make the person masculine and rough.

Not visibilite eyebrows too much, keeping the natural data, if they are wide, with swollen eyelids. Excessive thinning eyebrows when overhanging century only draw attention to this drawback. If the eyes are small and deep-set, do not leave the eyebrows is very wide, even if the form allows and there is a desire. Eyebrows will hang heavy shaggy arches and make eye unnoticeable.


The technique of plucking

как правильно и красиво выщипать бровиIf you have the shape that fits your face, by itself, the technique of plucking has nothing complicated. Armed with a pencil, which will help to determine the length of the eyebrows. First place it vertically so as to form a line from point a wing of the nose to the nose, where the arc of the eyebrow should begin. At this point start, and all that is behind it to the nose, you can pull out. Fold the top edge of the pencil to a point external corner of the eye. Where it crosses the eyebrow, it must end.

Carefully remove all distracting from the eyebrows excess hair on top. Your natural eyebrows already have some form, and must be adhered to. If they visually curved, it is necessary to repeat the line plucking on the inner arc, if they are more direct, not too round or bend the arc, pulling from the bottom.

Perfect beautiful feminine eyebrow that looks natural and does not cause any problems, should surprise to rise and bend approximately two thirds of the length from the base.

After a bendpoint eyebrows should slowly be reduced in thickness, gently bringing to the selected length.


Between classic and personality

как правильно и красиво выщипать бровиTrying to draw again beautiful and the natural line of the brow, you can refer to the canonical commandments professionals or create your own individual way, keeping them wide and stylish. Among celebrity winner of the perfect eyebrow is the Angelina Jolie – her eyebrows are perfect in all respects. Sample bold aggressive vibrant sexuality, which is easily readable even in the eyebrows, is Megan Fox.

Model Kara Delevin for a couple of years entered the history of fashion industry due to its wide eyebrows, which combine perfectly with her blonde hair and off her individual style. Many years faithfully keep a wide natural eyebrows actress keira Knightley. Her eyebrows are naturally dark as her hair, and coupled with dark brown eyes, her face always looks expressive even with neutral makeup.

Perhaps you have your own ideal of beauty and the idea of the perfect shape and thickness of the eyebrows. Follow him, without losing your own style.

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