Как правильно купать новорожденногоProcess of the first bathing babies quite nerve-racking for the parents – because the baby is so small. How will he respond? Not to be too cold or fervently? And suddenly not hold, and he slips out? And if he cry?

All these questions do not give rest to the new parents on the eve of water procedures. However, if everything is done according to the rules, bathing eventually become a favorite pastime not only for the baby.

If You are not confident in their abilities, it is recommended to first see how to bathe a newborn video to clarify things.

The first thing, of course, you will need a suitable capacity for water intake and, accordingly, bathing the kid. Whether to use adult bath or specially purchased, children – special value has no. But it is still desirable to stock up a small baby bath, even if the preference is given to normal adult tub.

Little baby bath easier to keep clean. By the way, the color of the bathroom should be white, the only way to ensure the purity of water used.

The temperature of the water for bathing

Many believe that bathing a newborn using only boiled or bottled water. However, everything will depend on how much clean water supply in a particular city. In the case of a boiling water for its mitigation better use sea salt, herbs, or foam for a bath.

The temperature of the water can be an individual. The selection must be present kid. At the first time it is better to adjust the temperature 36,6 or 36,8.

If still not been bought special water thermometer, can an old proven way: ending elbow into the bath. If it does not feel neither cold nor heat is the correct temperature. However, better take a thermometer.

Next will only have to watch the baby and how he reacts to water. There are children who are more like warm water, and there are those who prefer to flounder in a cooler. If the same temperature is not ideal, parents will find out about it on the caprices of the child and possibly bitter cry.

It should also pay attention to the child’s condition: if he froze, then collapsed to form a ball, cold provoke posinenie носоглотного triangle, and after some time there will be a shudder. When too hot temperature baby’s skin turns red, and the baby will become flaccid or will manifest moodiness.

And more importantly, the bathing is not resort to the use of antibiotics. Otherwise it will lead to leaching of not only harmful bacteria from the body of the baby, but useful microbial microflora.

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