All pleased when the handle to attract people, and I want to touch them again and again. The dream of every ladies, have a well-groomed, beautiful, soft grips. The dream of every gentleman – snuggle by the mouth of these hands. Only the permanent and systematic care, will help the hands look great.

Mask for hands – it’s like gastric bypass, because the one and the other, create additional path of life.
Quite easy to take care of the hands the house, not to spend on expensive procedures in the beauty salons.
Как правильно ухаживать за руками1
To soften hard, cracked skin, suitable mask from the crushed potato with the addition of vegetable or olive oil. Steam out of hand, put the mask, wrap a towel and polyethylene at 40 minutes. A mask, wash, and the hands grease cream.

The healing of cracks on hand will help mask:

- 1/2 Cup grated potatoes (grate);
– 1 spoon (tea) liquid honey
Ingredients mixed imposed on the hands with a thick layer 2 hours. Rinsing hands, grease moisturising cream.

Mask for hands nutrient

- 1 spoon (canteen) of coconut oil;
– 1 spoon (dining room) glycerine;
– 1 spoon (dining room) lemon juice
Coconut oil to melt, mix with the other ingredients. The mixture apply on clean hands, then wear cotton or other natural tissue) gloves for 3 hours.

To save aging, wrinkled hands hurry egg mask

- 1 egg yolk
– 1 spoon (dining room) liquid honey
– 1 spoon (tea) oat flour

Mix the ingredients until smooth. The mixture should be good to RUB it into the skin, and wear fabric gloves. Leave the mask for the night. In the morning Handle not know.
Как правильно ухаживать за руками3
Love yourself and your hands! Youth, beauty and health to all!

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